Marketing Execution

The process of marketing involves four principal stages that follow each other: planning, executing, tracking and measuring. All four of them are critical parts of a thriving marketing process and none of them should be overlooked by the management of a company.

A great marketing plan represents a base for other three marketing activities such as marketing execution, tracking and measuring the results of its implementation. After creating a great plan which is meant to guide entrepreneurs in their marketing activities and which contains as many details as possible, marketing execution is the following step.

Although the plan serves as a means of maintaining consistency in completing marketing activities and it is the very first step and should not be neglected. Marketing execution is the key to the successful accomplishment of marketing activities. During marketing execution, it is important to meet the plan and execute each activity as it was planned. The effectiveness of marketing execution lies in taking advantage of every real opportunity and right time management.

Marketing execution is extremely crucial but serves no purpose if the plan was not made appropriately. If the planning process is in disorder, marketing execution, no matter how superb, will not help to achieve positive business results.

Marketing execution should never be underestimated. It is not only about proper tactical approach like some managers might think. Marketing execution is a discipline and a multi-factorial system and therefore has to be integrated into a firm’s strategy, aims and culture.

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