Little Black Book

Brittany Murphy will capture your heart in this wickedly funny film about a really nice girl who’s a disaster waiting to happen. Hired to work on a tabloid TV show, Stacy Holt’s life gets turned upside down when she is persuaded to explore one of the show’s themes, and snoops through her boyfriend’s Palm Pilot. But she’s forgetting one thing: in the world of daytime TV, there’s always a shocking surprise in store — and she’s about to get a big one!

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3 Responses to Little Black Book

  1. Rosa "Bookworm"

    Brittany’s Best 0

  2. Lloyd Lofthouse ", author of 'My Splendid Con...

    light hearted comedy with a twist 0

  3. Daniel Jolley "darkgenius"

    Not your typical romantic comedy 0

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