LinkedIn Revealed: The Professional Network Your Career Can’t Afford To Ignore & The 15 Steps For Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the Professional Network Your Career Can’t Afford to Ignore

Have you joined LinkedIn, yet your career has not benefitted? Are you looking to advance your career, but feel overwhelmed or lost in your search? In the time it takes you to read this sentence, at least 10 people have created a profile on LinkedIn. At a rate of 2 new members per second, this professional network is growing at a pace only matched by few other member-based websites. To succeed on LinkedIn, one must understand proper networking etiquette and the nuances that make this network more powerful than any other social network. Created explicitly for professionals, LinkedIn’s features are incredibly empowering, allowing you to establish a robust network full of like-minded professionals that will help you achieve your career goals.

Discover How to Build A Thriving Professional Network To Advance Your Career This book explains the exact steps and strategies for any professional to catapult their career.

You Will Learn

  • All of the features, fundamentals, and expectations of becoming a LinkedIn member.
  • How to properly set up a complete and optimized profile in 15 simple steps
  • How to adjust all of your settings for complete privacy, but maximum networking exposure
  • The best networking strategies currently made available to you, and how to leverage each feature to achieve these strategies.

Look for our “Pro-Tips” included throughout the book. These tips provide supplemental guidance and shortcuts that most users have never been exposed to. Reader Bonus: For those purchasing the Kindle Edition, you will receive all updated editions for FREE. With LinkedIn continuously updating their platform, we will be making sure our book is up-to-date as well, so join our mailing list to receive notice of when new editions are published.

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3 Responses to LinkedIn Revealed: The Professional Network Your Career Can’t Afford To Ignore & The 15 Steps For Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. Pamela Jill Rapley

    The ABCs of LinkedIn and All the Way to Z From the very basics of LinkedIn to the not so basics, this book covers it all. It is truly the ABC and all the way to Z of LinkedIn.Whether you are a complete novice, an intermediate or even an expert, you will find some very good insights, tips and “how tos” that will make it well worth your while buying this book.I was offered this book in exchange for an honest review and it was an excellent investment of the time taken to read through it. Now I am going back to follow it’s instructions.I have read several other books on LinkedIn and this is one of the best, and the most comprehensive.Follow it’s instructions and you will find the results well worth your efforts. I definitely recommend this book. You will want to keep it handy as you work with your LinkedIn account.

  2. More Profile Views with 1 Simple Change by Jonathan Kidder is a great book on leveraging the social business network LinkedIn. The authors take you step-by-step through the social network and how to craft your profile for maximum reach and effectiveness. Personally, I was showing up in decent results when people were searching the site. I made one small changes to my profile while reading the book:* Changed my title to be more generic or representative of the industry I worked in.This one simple change has yielded me more profile views not only from other industry professionals, but also recruiters.Key Recommendations:1) Make sure you have a professional looking business photo2) Select a “Greater City Location” – such as “Greater Los Angeles Area” instead of “Woodland Hills, CA”3) Don’t put your company name in your title header – such as “Facilities Planner at Company XYZ” instead use “Facilities Planner”4) Create a profile summary that includes a call to action of connection5) Get recommendations from people who you aspire to have a similar job as theirs.6) Join and participate in groups — through groups you can broaden your network reach7) Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations8) Simplify your “public profile” link to be more readable.These are eight recommendations and there are a ton more in the book. The content is great. In some cases it is a little redundant and I almost didn’t pick up the book because of the cover. I think the cover is a little busy, BUT once inside – the content is very valuable in leveraging your professional network.**I received this book free as a review copy in exchange for an honest review.**

  3. A user friendly guide to Linkedin! I’ve been searching for a LinkedIn guide for awhile and just stumbled on this one. I reviewed the first several chapters and have really enjoyed the takeaways. I didn’t really understand how LinkedIn was being used for job searching and networking. My college career center recommended using LinkedIn for building a resume. This book explains how to create a profile and gives basic steps for finding jobs. As a recent grad – I recommend using this guide for building a career page.

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