LinkedIn For Dummies

Get LinkedIn and become part of the largest online network of professionals in the world!

When you know how to make the most of your profile, manage your contacts, and handle invitations effectively, you’ll go far. With more than 70 million members, LinkedIn presents an invaluable opportunity to make connections, find a job, get a better salary, market a business, attract investors, and much more. This second edition offers new advice to help you market yourself, grow your business, and take your professional network to all new levels. Veteran author Joel Elad introduces you to the key features of LinkedIn and explains how LinkedIn works.

  • Explains how to join LinkedIn, build your profile, start your network, search and grow your network, request and write recommendations, and keep track of your LinkedIn activities
  • Includes new and updated content on the latest LinkedIn features, tools, and trends in the market
  • Offers tips for finding a job, employees, professional services, potential investors, and more
  • Presents valuable advice for marketing yourself and your business, developing strategic partnerships, and cultivating sales leads

Don’t be left out—get LinkedIn—and start networking with the tips and advice shared in LinkedIn For Dummies, 2nd Edition!

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3 Responses to LinkedIn For Dummies

  1. Become a LinkedIn Superuser! Well, you knew it had to happen sooner or later and true to the Subject Matter for Dummies template, there is now a book for LinkedIn For Dummies that walks a LinkedIn beginner from an account setup to someone who is advanced and wants to maximize the value of LinkedIn by using all the bells and whistles that come with the software that are not readily known.Most people only tap into the very basics of LinkedIn and don’t realize how valuable this tool is and what it can do to promote a business, help one land a position or be found for a position. This book leaves no stone unturned and will enable you to become a LinkedIn superuser/guru.

  2. Marion E. Gold "Book Author & Editorial Writer"

    Great book! “Create your profile, make connections, and grow your network.” That’s what that triangle-faced little guy’s message states on the cover of “LinkedIn for Dummies.” As soon as you bend back the cover, there is a two-page cover-stock “Cheat Sheet” with tips on job searching, building your network, enhancing your profile and “general” tips for using the LinkedIn web site – effectively, safely and with courtesy.I bought the book because a long-time business contact invited me to “link.” Once linked, I had no idea of the new world that would open to this technologically deficient, print- and handshake-loving communicator. But to make the best use of any technology, one has to learn how to use it correctly. That’s where “LinkedIn for Dummies” comes into play. In addition to learning the basics of setting your profile and getting connected, the sections on Growing and Managing Your Network and Using LinkedIn for Everyday Business are invaluable in today’s marketplace.”LinkedIn for Dummies” teaches all the ins and outs, the right ways and the wrong ways, and how to make the most effective use of the LinkedIn web site. So far, the Questions & Answers, and Group News & Discussion sections seem to provide the best research and marketing tools for online networking and marketing I’ve seen so far in cyberspace. (The reviewer is author of two books: and .

  3. THE LinkedIn Manual It is by far the most entertaining easy to read and to use LinkedIn Manual your money can buy.I had an account at LinkedIn for a while, but never realized the real potential of this personal and business networking tool, until I bought and read Joel Elad’s LinkedIn for Dummies.As the book says in the beginning:¨you don’t have to read it from cover to cover¨, and you don’t!It is written in such a manner that you can skip or move to the chapter which interests you more. Still, the more you read, the more excited you get of trying out all the new and cool things you learned in this extremely detailed manual.For me, this is the book that uncovered the mystery LinkedIn can seem to be at first sight.

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