Kindle Crash Course: Create Your eBook From ZERO & Promote It On The Best 200 Online Advertising Pages, For FREE

Learn how to format all of your eBooks the RIGHT WAY, TODAY! No prior experience required!

This eBook will walk you through every single step that you need to take when you want to write a high quality book for Kindle and every step has one or more pictures that will help you learn faster.

After you go through the “Kindle Crash Course” you will be able to write a book that looks exactly like this one and you will learn the following things that all Kindle writers must know:

• How to prepare the Word document before you start writing.

• What margins, orientation, size and columns you should use.

• The right style and font size for all titles and subtitles.

• The optimum line spacing between paragraphs.

• How to add bullet points and numbers and how to adjust their indent.

• How to insert pictures and how to compress them to decrease the delivery cost from Amazon to the reader’s Kindle device.

And of course,

• How to create a clickable Table of Contents.

Further, you will get the best 200 online pages where you can promote your eBooks

for free

Your time is important and TIME IS MONEY, right?

Don’t waste anymore time searching the internet for the right place to promote your work!

No matter what your promotion is (free, discounted books or even regular priced ones), The “Kindle Crash Course” will provide you with the best online pages where people are constantly looking for their next favorite book to read.

Remember guys:

Good Advertising =


More Exposure =


This being said, I invite you to download your own copy of the “Kindle Crash Course” to learn how to format all of your eBooks THE RIGHT WAY” and to take them all to the next level by advertising on the best 200 advertising pages!

Information is often the KEY!

Your “Kindle Crash Course” Is BOTH!

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