Jump Start Your Book Promotions: Best tricks and tips to get the most out of Paid and Free Book Promotions

Why should you buy and read THIS book on promoting? Because these ideas are the result of my own effective experiences selling my books on Amazon. Naturally, I’m going to toss in the caveat that your results may differ from mine, but still, I’m so sure that you’ll find at least two things in this book to say it’s worth the price.

If not, you have 7 days from the purchase at Amazon to get a total Refund from Amazon.

My background is in sales. I’ve owned two successful business in my working career–and had plenty of failures too. But my success was built on the premise of every good business –have a good product, do what you say you’re going to do, and promote it.

At IBM training for sales people we were taught that for every “no” you get, you’re one customer much closer to a “yes.” (Remember this, because I’ll come back to it in a minute).

I’d been writing mystery books for over 25 years when I discovered that Amazon could publish and sell my e-books (and yes, NY Publishers had looked, considered, thought about, and then passed on my books).

I thought I would have to “settle” for a small press to publish, because, after all, no one trusted a “vanity press” book. But in 2011, with some trepidation, I decided to load my first book up on Amazon. My first book, A Dead Red Cadillac stayed up at #1 for one whole week, and remained on the Top 100 for several more weeks. Amazon made a believer out of me!

So, now it’s 2014–and things have changed. But do I recommend that you remove your books from Amazon, try something else, stop promoting for paid and free? No, I don’t. I believe, and there are plenty of people to back me up on this, that Amazon is going to stay at the top of the heap for years to come. I’ll explain Amazon and why you should love it too, later on.

Am I offering you the secret to instant success? No one can do that, and the idea that you’re book will be an instant best seller in this market ridiculous, but I can show you how to get new readers, reviewers in this tight new market and best of all, GROW YOUR FAN BASE. Because, isn’t that what you want? Readers? Fans who will buy your next book, and the book after that?

That IBM message is still true–for every customer who says “no” to your book, you’re that much closer to a “yes.”

I make money every single month because I write, promote, write, promote, and promote.

I use a combination of paid, and free promotion, and I have listed these ideas in my book. My ideas are short, concise, and you should be able to find enough gems in it to feel that it’s worth the money you paid.

If you disagree, you have 7 days from the date of purchase to get a full refund from Amazon.

Are you ready for success?

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