Integrate Advertising, Email, Social Media and SEO for Successful Marketing

Today your online and offline advertising, email campaigns and newsletters, direct mail and social media, SEO, cards and brochures all need to be consistent and work together to compete successfully. It’s really all about branding.

You need a graphic look and a targeted, consistent message that is carefully shaped for the target audience in each medium. And don’t forget mobile marketing and coupons. Depending on your target audience they could be essential.

Piecemeal efforts, amateur graphics, mixed messages and poorly thought-out ad copy simply will not cut it anymore. The reality is that whether local or virtual, your business has to be able to compete against the big boys–and girls.

Because of the Internet, competition is now global. And while local newspaper advertising languishes, online media are more dynamic and diverse than ever.

You need to jump in, but you need to do it in a carefully crafted, coordinated way. Otherwise, you are wasting time and money. And if you do a poor job, you can actually damage your reputation.

So what do you do? Do you try to become an expert in all these areas? Do you hire local folks you know and like—but who may have no clue outside their own limited area of expertise? (Forget trying to get them all to work together and coordinate efforts!)

The best plan is to hire an agency like Direct Agents
that specializes in coordinated online campaigns. They can tell you what you need and you can select the level of service you need.

You can start small and see what works, if you have time but only a small budget. Or you can jump in and jumpstart your online image and coordinate that with local offline marketing.

Whatever you do, get professional help. It will more than pay for itself in the long run, and keep you from pulling your hair out in the short run. Good deal, huh? I think so!

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