Instagram for Beginners (Social Media & You)

Instragram is a cool free photo sharing service that works with Apple iOS and Android devices.

Instagram allows you to take photos that are reminiscent of Polaroid pictures with some unique lighting effect.

You can share photos with friends on Instagram and post them to other social media sites. The company boasts of 15 million users and with its recent acquisition by Facebook, it’s expected those numbers will continue to grow.

This beginner’s Instagram tutorial will help you join in the fun with this neat App!

How to Use Instagram:
– Downloading the App from your App Store
– Opening Your App and Signing Up
– Push Notifications or Not?
– Finding and Adding Friends
– Start Taking Pictures
– Photo Sharing
– Interacting on Instagram

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2 Responses to Instagram for Beginners (Social Media & You)

  1. Too simple. This book was very basic. I have as possible on my phone and really wanted something with tips and tricks.Beginners only!

  2. Muy bien, Muy padre aplicación a mi me encanta puedo editar mis fotos como yo quiera y es super fabuloso todo lo que puedo hacer

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