Product Features

  • - One-on-one Real-time chat with your friends on Instagram
  • - Pinch-to-zoom photos and Swipe photo gallery
  • - Walkie-talkie style Voice Chat!
  • - Lots of smiley emoticons
  • - Browse photos, Search Users and Tags

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3 Responses to Instachat

  1. photos This app is good in all but I wish it would upload photos with out you having to go on the computer and download the app. It would get a WHOLE lot more customers if it would download the photos without having to download the app.

  2. one and only app for instagram and its awesome Instagram does not have app for kindle but no need to worry as this app does more than that. now I can see my photos and check out my friends. very cool chat functionality for connecting millions of people. thnx guys you rock! one of the must to have app for kindle.

  3. nice Really nice app but I want to take pictures from my kindle please fix this! It would take it to a whole new level of awesome!

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