Indie & Small Press Book Marketing

Why do some books sell a few copies and then languish, why others go on to sell tens of thousands?
In a word: Marketing.
Indie & Small Press Book Marketing explains how to market your book, with a detailed plan for what you need to do before launch, during the all-critical launch month, and afterwards.
Full of proven techniques to get initial sales and reviews, increase conversion rate of your blog and Amazon page, engage with communities of passionate readers, and connect with influencers and reviewers who can help launch your book into bestseller lists. 
“Finally, a structured approach to marketing books.”
-Tonya Macalino, author of Spectre of Intention and The Shades of Venice
“Even for the traditionally published author, this book is full of great stuff! It takes a detailed, easy to follow approach to promoting your book. Highly recommended!” 
-E.C. Ambrose, author of The Dark Apostle series 
“Chock full of actionable marketing tips I wish I’d known years ago.”
-Gene Kim, author of The Visible Ops Handbook and The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win

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3 Responses to Indie & Small Press Book Marketing

  1. Andrew Anderson "Tac Anderson"

    A great read for anyone interested in the publishing world I’m not an author and I really enjoyed this book. It was very informative and enjoyable read. Not only are there tons of useful tips in here for authors but also William’s story is an interesting one.Being an avid reader of his blog ([...]) for years it has been interesting to watch William go through the whole process of self publishing his two previous fiction books and I know that He’s learned these lessons the hard way.If you are an interested in the publishing industry and the changes it’s going through you will enjoy this book as it’s the roadmap for how millions of self-published authors will make a living.If you’re an author at any level, this would be an interesting read. Having talked to several of my writer friends who have agents and publishers, I know that publishers aren’t doing as much as they used to do and more authors are going to have to start being more involved in their marketing.Lastly, if you are an independent author or publish through a small press or are even thinking about writing a book, you need to read this book.

  2. Smart and straight-forward indie publishing resource I highly recommend ‘Indie & Small Press Book Marketing.’ It’s rare to find a how-to book that is this well written. There’s no airy-writing were you begin to glaze over because the text is filler or repetitive, it’s packed with ideas and resources all laid out clearly and succinctly.There’s no hype (thank you) or ego, the author has clearly done his best to lay out what he’s found works well and wants you to benefit from his experience by finding methods that work well for you. Other programs for marketing self-published books can be overwhelming and leave me feeling the impossibility of having the time and money to do all the necessary steps, but I felt more confident and empowered after reading this one.

  3. Applicable from the first page to the last Finally, a marketing book that isn’t just another commercial for Amazon KDP Select.I love how this book is broken into phases of a book’s publishing timeline. As soon as I picked it up and started reading, I was stopping to apply things Hertling suggested.I have read quite a few books on book marketing and this still had news for me. I especially enjoyed the summarizing check list at the end of each chapter/phase, and my favorite section was when the author shared what didn’t work for him and why. Now I know exactly how NOT to waste my valuable marketing time.The one thing I was surprised Hertling didn’t cover in the book was pricing and its effect/connection to marketing, but I can forgive him this because many other books I’ve read have addressed it.The book is short and concise, but you’ll have tons of info to walk away with.

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