iBooks Author For Dummies

Design and create your own e-book using the groundbreaking iBooks Author app

With Apple’s iBooks Author app, you can create rich, interactive books for use on the iPad, and this new For Dummies handy portable guide shows you just how to do it. Whether you want to create textbooks, training materials, marketing reports, or awesome product manuals with dynamic content, this book takes you through the process. Plunge in, and you’ll soon learn how to create an iPad e-book with all the bells and whistles, including video, interactive widgets, text, tables, figures, colors, cool fonts, and more.

  • Helps educators, small publishers, trainers, authors, or entrepreneurs create their own e-books using the new iBooks Author software
  • Covers the software as well as book-building basics, such as adding text, color, tables, and figures
  • Shows you how to include dynamic content, like video, presentations, interactive widgets, charts, and web components
  • Discusses publishing your iPad e-book to the iBookstore

iBooks Author For Dummies is what you need to get your book off the ground and into the hands of readers in a hurry!

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2 Responses to iBooks Author For Dummies

  1. M. Sweeney "Wybnormal"

    I can do an iBook The iBook application from Apple is one of the least “apple like” apps I’ve had the misfortune to use. The interface is a bit kludgy and it’s cranky about certain things. After struggling with it twice, I bought this book on my Kindle and started to read through it. I wont say the heavens opened up but the light certainly went on. The book is laid out well and clearly written even though the material is a bit dull and technical. With this book in my hand, I managed to get my own book project under control and within the week of owning this book, mine was well on it’s way. And in the correct format too. At this point, my book is a week away from being submitted to Apple and it is because of this author. I was able to work out that I needed yet another iTunes account in spite of having one for my normal use, one for my IOS app dev projects and a spare I acquired with all this iCloud stuff. I worked out the bits and pieces I needed to get done including being approved by Apple to submit as a content provider to the Apple store. The author also gave me the heads up for the preview copy I need and other bits and pieces.Over all this is an excellent book to have in your hand when starting your own iBook project. Well done.Update 11-12-12 I submitted my new iBook to Apple using this book as my guide. My came back approved by with no changes needed. Well Done. The book was worth every penny :)

  2. Very good introduction to iBooks Well-written and full of good tips and tricks on creating iBooks with iBooks Author software. It covers all you need to get started with this great tool

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