How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile… And 18 Mistakes to Avoid

“Unless you have the rare job that requires no communication with other human beings, you will benefit from regular and careful reading of Brenda Bernstein’s advice. She will guide you through the rules of creating and using professional gateway documents: resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. Her advice for job seekers in a variety of settings is both accessible and sound. Best of all, she writes and presents with grace and humor. Brenda is a “must read” and “must consult” for people entering, re-entering, or reconfiguring their place at work.” – Susan Gainen, Principal Consultant, Pass the Baton, Minneapolis, MN.

“Brenda’s “How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile” webinar was EXCELLENT! The information I received was applicable immediately and easily. Using Brenda’s insightful techniques, I transformed my one-dimensional career history into a compelling brand-focused profile that has increased my profile reviews and name search results by 20%!” – Nikki Champagnie, Career Services Professional, Houston, TX.

“Many people are beginning to truly understand the strategic networking power of LinkedIn, but it’s surprising how few have adopted good habits when constructing and maintaining their LinkedIn profiles. Personal branding and sending a concise message to people who visit your profile is critical. Brenda Bernstein’s e-book holds key profile strategies and important tips on avoiding networking pitfalls. As a LinkedIn trainer myself, it’s good to know I have a resource like this for my clients to help them after they’ve left my classroom.” – Michael Phelps, LinkedIn Trainer, Milwaukee, WI

“I just love this new book! It absolutely addresses topics no one else has and that people should be paying attention to. It hits the bulls-eye on making LinkedIn work the way it’s intended! Plus Ms. Bernstein does a great job of conveying important, spot-on points in a clear and engaging manner.” – Larry Megugorac, Sales Executive, Brentwood, CA

“I have read How to Write a Killer Linkein Profile a few times now, and it has truly alerted me to the power of words, the use and turn of language, and the positioning power that I can master and take advantage of as I transition into my next job opportunity. I appreciated the knowledge and hands-on expertise Ms. Bernstein has laid out in these pages and honestly wanted more at the end of the book.” – Luisa Michel, CFA, Columbia University MBA, St. Louis, MO

I found How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Profile very well written, easy to understand and very instructional. As a result of the book, there were 14 things on my profile that I wanted to improve upon. I’ve already done seven. I especially appreciated the step-by-step instructions for changing certain parts of the profile. It’s funny, but after the work I did yesterday, I had seven hits from colleagues who were seeing me “surface” again. – Will

Are you getting the results that you want from your LinkedIn profile? If not, this book is for you. I provide you with 18 detailed strategies and writing tips that other “LinkedIn experts” don’t cover. First I tell you how to get found on LinkedIn, and then I tell you how to keep people reading. After all, once you grab the right target viewers — whether they be clients, prospects, recruiters or potential employers — what do you want them to see? Certainly the answer is not, “Oh, something I just threw together that may be error-ridden and ineffective.” Yet that’s how many LinkedIn profiles are constructed. In the past year, I have worked with social media experts, business people, recruiters and employers and have identified EIGHTEEN common weak points in LinkedIn profile strategy and content. These errors can be fatal if you want people not just to find your profile, but to continue reading once they do. By following the advice below, you will avoid these errors and create a frequently visited AND highly effective LinkedIn profile.

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  1. Epic Reviews "EP"

    Good read! I found this book to be very well composed, an easy read, easy to understand and very insightful. If you want to improve anything on your profile, you will appreciated the step-by-step instructions for changing certain parts of the profile. But I would also highly recommend another book I think would be even better A must read!!!

  2. Essay Expert Extraordinair! Brenda Bernstein and The Essay Expert are, simply stated, hands-down, the most thoroughly knowledgeable, accurately articulated, and professionally executed service of it’s kind. The e-book, “How To Write A Killer Linkedin Profile…And 18 Mistakes To Avoid,” gives you the resources to accomplish exactly what it advertises, and is a direct and concise reflection of the experiential knowledge base that the author possesses. You are getting exactly what you’d expect, only more so. I couldn’t recommend it more.

  3. surprising mix of efficiency and depth I only budgeted a brief time to reading the book so far, but managed to transform my LinkedIn profile. I’m usually a skeptic about these kinds of books and hope other social media guides will copy the style here:1) The book gets you exactly where you need to go as far as LinkedIn as a website, so you don’t waste time looking for buttons if you’re not spending your life at LinkedIn.2) But then the advice comes in short, sharp but highly intelligent pieces, relevant to exactly where you are. She really knows what she’s talking about, and puts the right piece of advice on the right page.Not many authors smart enough to be subtle also do the work to be organized enough to match each edit button on a website. Where another book you might read a chapter of general advice and then stumble around trying to figure out what it means for you, here I’d read a paragraph and make a useful change, then repeat, all very quickly.

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