How To Use Pinterest – How To Share Your Ideas, Brand Yourself and Have Fun Playing Around on Pinterest

Here’s Just a LITTLE of What You’ll Discover…

How to optimize your Pinterest account to TRIPLE leverage the power of the site so you get traffic right away (page 3)

How to integrate Pinterest inside YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts so your photos appear everywhere (Page 5)

The secret “covert” link strategy that makes Pinterest an affiliate marketers’ dream (Page 7)

Why Pinterest and Amazon Kindle are a perfect match made to make you money (Page 11)

The “Piggy Back” approach to getting 10 times the clicks from your posts so you can really feel the power of Pinterest. (Page 11)

What kinds of photos find themselves at the top of Pinterest pulling 10,000+ clicks each or more (Page 12)

Best times to “pin” to get up to 30 times higher “re-pin likes” and clicks (It’s not when you think it is) (Page 13)

The FREE source for over 10,000,000 images you can quickly edit and call your own so you never have to take any photos if you don’t want to

How to run Pinterest contests to make your pics go VIRAL so you can get maximum traffic exposure (Bonus)

The $10 software that turns your blog into an Instagram robot (Bonus)

How and where to add the Pinterest button to your website and how to get it clicked 3X more than your competition (Page 14)

And much more

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3 Responses to How To Use Pinterest – How To Share Your Ideas, Brand Yourself and Have Fun Playing Around on Pinterest

  1. Finally – Someone Tells How to Cash in on the Pinterest Craze… Wow – if anything – this is too simple…I’ve been watching the pinterst insanity thinking ‘great – just what we need another social network’ – but this book has me excited about all the ways i can make money in my business by tapping into the latest/greatest internet meme ;)Soup to nuts – its’ all there with step by step instructions – no fluff – no filler… A quick profitable read…The part about infographics was my favorite – I think these will have a much more prominent role in marketing in the very near future – as a way to cut through the clutter and noise of 8000 advertisements a day…And of course – anything that gets me to the top of the search engines is great too…Listen: bottom line – I highly encourage any marketer, business owner or professional to grab this book and implement the strategies by tomorrow…enjoy!

  2. Solid Information on Using Pinterest Excellent guide for using Pinterest. I got this book because pinterest was recommended in (which is a great guide by the way) and I was lost on how to use pinterest effectively. I implemented the strategies outlined and all i can say is pinterest works. 100% recommend this book for anyone wanted to get started with this great site.

  3. Jason S Garrett

    Pinterest This book has given me the information I want and need without wading through 25 chapters of fluff and nonsense. I thought I knew alot about Pinterest, found out there’s much more to learn. HIGHLY recommend this book!

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