How to Use LinkedIn to Sell More Books (Writer’s Platform)

You’ve written a wonderful book. But you know that it won’t sell itself. You need to let folks know just how good your book is, why they should care about it, and why they must choose your book over millions of others.

This is a step-by-step, short, pragmatic guide on how to establish yourself as an expert and a leader on one of the largest social networks—LinkedIn.

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2 Responses to How to Use LinkedIn to Sell More Books (Writer’s Platform)

  1. Stephen Dew "HBInsider"

    I enjoyed the book I do use Linkedin, and thought this book may offer something different. Besides explaining how to set up a profile, it described tiered connects. This was interesting. If you new to Linkedin then you should try this, if not, it is still a good because it reinforces what you may already know.

  2. Greg Strandberg "Greg"

    Useful This is a good book that will tell you a lot quickly and without wasting your time. It gives you a good rundown on the LinkedIn Network, especially if you’re new.

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