How to Use Facebook for Business – Your Quickstart Guide for Getting Customers Fast (Social Media for Business)

Using Facebook for Business & Getting Sales

Perhaps you’ve heard that Facebook marketing can help you get customers… but you can’t believe all of the hype and noise?

Or you’ve considered using Facebook advertising for your business but think you need a PhD in rocket science to figure it all out?

How This Facebook How-To Guide Will Help You:

This guide blends 5 years of my experience coaching over 4000 students with 6 Facebook marketing courses, helping dozens of businesses, and developing 4 software platforms for marketing on Facebook.

Since then I’ve innovated many different ways for harnessing Facebook pages for promotions.

When I took my first steps into the online world I remember feeling nervous about breaking something. It felt like being trapped in a foreign country with language that didn’t sense. And I wished somebody would take me by the hand and demonstrate exactly how it was done.

That’s why I’ve put together this step-by-step illustrated Facebook business guide. It will give you a simple process for setting yourself up and attracting new customers from Facebook fast.

No fluff. No theory… just workable Facebook instructions that you can follow right now.

A Fresh Profitable Way for Attracting New Leads and Sales:

Today aggressive ‘push’ style broadcasting from ‘old’ media is in sharp decline. And every year businesses experience diminishing returns from yellow pages, newspaper, radio, and TV advertising.

The reason for this trend is because of the rapid growth of word-of-mouth social networks like Facebook. And Facebook is opening up new exciting opportunities for businesses like yours to get leads and sales.

With today’s new-media people have a voice and they expect to be heard.

So you have a choice… learn to engage and make sales in the new-media paradigm… OR watch as your competitors collect the customers you ignore on Facebook.

Regardless of whether you’re a small business owner, or you’re the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation, a clear Facebook marketing strategy can deliver exactly what you’re looking for – solid returns on your marketing dollars.

Facebook “How-To” Strategies Covered in My How to Use Facebook for Business Guide:

Within 3 hours of picking up this concise 65 page guide you will learn:

  • Facebook basics – how to set up your profile and your Facebook fan page the right way for your business (using step-by-step instructions and illustrations).
  • Selling on Facebook – how to pinpoint your ideal customers and attract them with Facebook ads. How to siphon customers away from your competitors. And how to save thousands of dollars every year on advertising (whilst still increasing sales).
  • Facebook fans – how to engage your audience the right way. Do this the right way and you will have a committed Tribe who talks about your products and services to their friends. Do this wrong and you’ll drive your fans away.

Bonus Chapter! Facebook Applications – up until recently only large corporations could afford to develop custom applications for attracting large numbers of fans.

Now this Facebook user guide reveals how you can build your own applications on a tiny budget, get more sales, and position yourself ahead of your competitors.

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3 Responses to How to Use Facebook for Business – Your Quickstart Guide for Getting Customers Fast (Social Media for Business)

  1. A step-by-step business Facebook guide With Facebook you can identify exactly who wants your products and then actively attract them, according to Wynne Pirini in this book. Facebook enables people to voice their opinion about your business to hundreds of their friends instantly, and you can choose to take control of this new frontier, or you can leave it to others to influence what the market thinks about your business.This short ebook focuses more on the practical steps involved in getting started on Facebook rather than the philosophical aspects or the broader business consequences. The author uses clear instructions and helpful illustrations to show how to set up a personal profile, how to set up a business fan page, how to advertise to a targeted audience, how to use images to enhance engagement, and why Facebook Apps are useful.There mere use of Facebook does not guarantee a return for a business. Many of the advertisements currently appearing on the site are a waste of space. In order to succeed, a business needs to find a creative way of engaging customers and potential customers. Some businesses are naturally more interesting than others, but the book does give some hints as to engagement strategies that might work even for boring businesses.Before reading the book I was of the opinion that it was not worthwhile for most businesses to devote resources to Facebook. Facebook ads are usually not appealing or very relevant. But now I am not so sure. There is endless scope for low-cost experimentation, and with sufficient expertise and ingenuity it clearly is possible to create a campaign that achieves results. If you have not already experimented with a Facebook fan page, this book provides a handy step-by-step guide for you to follow.

  2. nice overview of the topic, a few gems Wynne Pirini’s “How to Use Facebook for Business” is a handsomely-illustrated, reader-friendly marketing aid with occasional gems of highly valuable information sprinkled in the mix. While much of the information in the early part of the guide simply reinforces the instructions on the Facebook site, Pirini’s examples, observations, and specific instructions personalize several of the social media engagement options in a way I found to be quite useful. As an independent author, I have found Facebook to be a great ally as I endeavor to introduce myself and distribute my work. If you are looking at Facebook as a venue to inform people about and invite them to experience your product or service, this tidy reference book can spark some fresh ideas.

  3. Great Info For New Users! Although I am not a new user to Facebook, I picked up this book to help me with advertising my site. Although I already knew how to do some of the things (i.e. setting up a page) I did find several things that will help me with my own advertising needs.Facebook is a platform I have used extensively for interaction with family and friends but now I need more. How To Use Facebook for Business definitely gave me a jumpstart and I can use the information contained within to help me begin publicizing my pages. I found the book easy to read and full of good tips.Whether you are a beginner or someone who needs a brush-up, the author, Wayne Pirini, has made advertising doable. He also provides further help via links. Thanks, Mr. Pirini. I can’t wait to get started!

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