How to Self-Publish a Book on Writing, Editing, Designing, Publishing, and Marketing

This is a special Kindle edition of the book, “How to Self-Publish a Book on,” by Chris McMullen. Note that this special Kindle edition does not include the handful of figures which appear in the print edition of this book.

Learn how to self-publish your book on using a books-on-demand publishing service which is part of the Amazon group of companies. This handy reference will guide you through all of the stages of the self-publishing process, from the conception of your book to writing the manuscript to editing and formatting to PDF conversion to publishing to promotional strategies. The author has self-published over a dozen books, of different types, on Through his experience and knowledge, he provides several useful tips. Having drawn thousands of professional illustrations with Microsoft Word’s drawing tools, many of which appear in the author’s books and covers, a tutorial is included to show you how you, too, can easily create professional diagrams. Learn how to design a professional cover and book interior, whether you include artwork or photographs. With this reference as a guide, you can self-publish a quality manuscript with ease!


1 Reasons for Self-Publishing
Advantages of Self-Publishing on
Disadvantages of Self-Publishing on
2 Developing the Concept
Will it Be Worthwhile to Publish Your Book?
Considering the Market for Your Concept
3 Researching the Competition
Finding Related Works
Compiling Your Research Sales Rank
4 Preparing the Manuscript
Before You Begin Writing
Writing the Manuscript
5 Editing the Manuscript
Revising Your Manuscript
Figures, Tables, and Equations
Front and Back Matter
Formatting Your Manuscript
6 Designing the Book Cover
Designing a Professional Cover
Drawing Your Cover in Microsoft Word
Using the Microsoft Word Drawing Tools
7 Preparing the PDF Files
PDF Conversion Basics
Beyond the Basics
8 Receiving Feedback
Using Constructive Criticism
Test-Marketing Your Book
9 Publishing on Publishing Companies
Publishing on CreateSpace
10 Marketing Strategies
Promoting with Little or no Cost
Other Promotional Opportunities

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3 Responses to How to Self-Publish a Book on Writing, Editing, Designing, Publishing, and Marketing

  1. Outstanding Information I ordered this book while I was researching the self publishing maze of confusion and found it so simple, easy to follow and extremely refreshing. As a result or reading this my first book is now being published by Amazon on their extremely efficient print and ship system. If you follow this book’s advice you WILL be successful. I cannot thank this author enough for clearing away the cobwebs and simplifying the system. A definite help for any aspiring author who has had he fortitude to complete the first manuscript and wants to share the work with the world.

  2. How To Self Publish A Book on Amazon. The title of this book is How To Self Publish A Book ON AMAZON.COM. This book is more about how to write a book, not how to guide it through Amazon after it is written. I would not have bought it if I knew this is what it was about. Therefore, the two stars only.

  3. Celia Baula "Eloquent_Dreamer"

    A quick guide to self-publishing on Amazon Straightforward advice on how to put a book together for self-publishing. I like the tips about starting out – finding the right material and how to research an idea. A good guide for a newbie. Thank you!

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