How to Create a Step-by-Step LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Your Business

LinkedIn provides a virtually limitless pool of prospects for you tap into. But without a guide to walk you through the process, it can be challenging to effectively tap into this database. This step-by-step guide walks you through exactly what you need to know to maximize the marketing and sales efforts for your business on LinkedIn.

There are a lot of moving parts within LinkedIn, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. This step-by-step manual will walk you through each component one at a time. By the end, you’ll have a true framework for putting a powerful LinkedIn marketing plan into action.

The overall framework involves the following:
• Having a clear picture of who it is you are targeting (we call this your Prospect Profile).
• Understanding the LinkedIn tactics at your disposal.
• Understanding which of these tactics are most likely to effectively reach your prospects, and are at the same time within your means.
• Determining which to focus on first.
• Building a process around the execution of these tactics.
• Knowing what success looks like, and where it’s coming from, so you can refine your process.

This primer is for business owners, sales professionals, marketing managers, entrepreneurs and anybody who is looking to leverage LinkedIn for marketing and sales objectives. In it, you’ll get best practices for each of the most impactful tactics, with examples you can put to use right away.

This isn’t your typical hyperbole. It’s based on hard work and experience. Further, Josh Turner’s company actually works these systems and strategies every day on behalf of their clients.
They walk the walk, and this guide will show you how to do the same within LinkedIn.

Here’s a sampling of what people have had to say about this tutorial:

“I have listened to so many entrepreneurial leaders talk about their marketing strategies, but none had hit home like you have.”

“I have utilized many of your points already with my sales team.”

“Gives me a great outline of the campaign process and it’s really helping me to visualize each campaign better in my mind.”

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3 Responses to How to Create a Step-by-Step LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Your Business

  1. VenkyIyer58 "Venky Iyer. Social Media and Blo...

    Me, LinkedIn and Josh Turner’s Book I have this to say about Josh Turner’s “How to Create a Step-by-Step LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Your Business” – he gave me the destinations, but did not give me the road maps.In terms of what can be done on LinkedIn to optimize the returns from your presence, speaking in a business context, Josh is clear on the activities that count. I have been reading up considerably on LinkedIn in recent days, and I am reasonably sure he did not miss out on anything (it is possible, that as a LinkedIn expert, he left out a few “trade secrets” and loopholes that he did not want everyone exploiting). In terms of how exactly to undertake those activities, i.e., the nitty-gritties, Josh leaves you wanting more.Perhaps that was because of his need to keep the book to a reasonable page count.Conclusion: I am glad I read this book. Yes, it was worth it. Hopefully he will write a sequel.

  2. Really useful information This book is simply easy to read and to implement. Its 7 steps will lead you to define your best tactics for LinkedIn. It doesn’t take too long to read and I found the Mayor LinkedIn Tactics matrix extremely useful. Thanks Josh Turner for this work. @cristoleon_

  3. This is a great guide for professionals looking to develop new business opportunities using LinkedIn. The strategies are well organized and easy for anybody to implement.

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