How To Build the ULTIMATE LinkedIn Profile In Under An Hour: Boost Your Branding

Want to Further Your Career or Find A New Job on LinkedIn?

With over 200 million members, LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional social network, and fast becoming the destination for employers to find new workers, and for professionals to showcase their expertise, make new connections, and find fresh career opportunities.

In “How To Build the ULTIMATE LinkedIn Profile In Under An Hour,” you’ll learn the simple steps and secret strategies you need to take your LinkedIn profile from ordinary to irresistible in next to no time.

Take Your LinkedIn Experience to the NEXT Level…
Many people who join LinkedIn cobble together a profile in a few minutes and never touch it again – they are missing out! The people who spend a short time to learn how to harness the true power of LinkedIn are getting found by more recruiters and customers, developing loyal relationships, and significantly furthering their careers.


  • 5 Ways To Write A Captivating LinkedIn Professional Headline And Make An Awesome First Impression
  • How to Choose The Right Profile Photo to Capture Your Intended Audience, And Optimize It to Be Found In Search
  • 9 Secrets to Writing A Compelling LinkedIn Summary: Being Your Own Brand Ambassador
  • 7 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Experience Section For Maximum Impact and Exposure
  • How to Populate Additional LinkedIn Sections And How to Re-Order All Sections By Importance
  • How to Add Skills & Expertise to Your LinkedIn Profile, And How to Find the Best Ones to List
  • How to Encourage Endorsements to Showcase Your Skills and Expertise
  • How to Edit Your Contact Info and Customize the Website Text Links to Your Blog, Website, Portfolio, etc.
  • How to Choose A Custom LinkedIn URL, e.g
  • How to Add Interactive Media Samples to Your Profile: Show Off Your Work and WOW Prospects
  • How to Promote Your LinkedIn Profile Online and Offline: Widgets, E-mail Signatures, and Real World Marketing
  • How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Visible And Appealing to Non-Members: Customize How Your Public Profile Appears in Search
  • How to Make Your Profile Eye-Catching In LinkedIn Search With Bullet Points, Stars, and Other Special Characters
  • 3 Quick And Easy Ways to Start to Grow Your LinkedIn Network
  • How to Use Activity Updates and LinkedIn Signal to Spread Your Name and Expertise to Connections and the Wider LinkedIn Community
  • How to Craft Killer LinkedIn Connection Invites in Three Simple Steps
  • How to Encourage Quality Recommendations: Priceless Testimonials From Colleagues and Friends
  • How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Grow Your Connections And Become An Authority Figure In Your Profession
  • Currently Unemployed? What to Put in Your Headline, Summary, and Current Position Sections
  • How to Find A New Job on LinkedIn (And How to Keep Your Search Secret From Your Current Employer!)
  • LinkedIn Premium Memberships: What Are They And Are They Worth The Money?
  • How to Export Your LinkedIn Profile to PDF to Save it from Lost Data Mishaps
  • Top Online Tools to Manage Your LinkedIn Profile and Analyze Its Effectiveness

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, learn advanced LinkedIn techniques that could mean thousands of dollars to you or your business in future! Scroll back up and click “Buy” now!

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3 Responses to How To Build the ULTIMATE LinkedIn Profile In Under An Hour: Boost Your Branding

  1. Geo-Raider "Vagabond"

    Fre Ebook A much better choice than many of the other ‘How to build a LinkedIn Profile” books. The author goes step by step in creating your online profile giving you both helpful and insightful hints and suggestions as well as pointing out some negatives he’s seen other use in their LinkedIn profiles. He also talks about creating connections and getting recommendations from current/past coworkers and others. I found this book very helpful in creating my own LinkedIn profile, as opposed to “LinkedIn: How to Master the Professional Network and Find Your New Job” by TR Guthrey – which I found a total waste of time and money spent.

  2. If you’re looking for new employment via LinkedIn, this is your book I like it when I can find free resources. This was one of them in the kindle book store. It was helpful and provided me with some really good ideas.

  3. I’m working through the table of contents, following the instruction. Some of the stuff I already knew, but much of it I did not. This is a tremendously helpful work by Mr. Macarthy, especially if you’re like me and have toyed with your LinkedIn profile for years, and then suddenly became serious about making it function properly. I ran into someone a few days ago who was hired directly from her LinkedIn profile – her new company discovered her at LinkedIn by way of the key words she used in the various sections – which is a big deal when you stop to think about it.

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