How To Become An Amazon Bestseller Today

Are you wondering how this book is highly ranked on Amazon?

So are thousands of other people who are having a hard time selling even one copy of their great eBooks that never seem to gain traction.

In this book the real secrets on how to make boatloads of cash on Kindle are revealed, and it’s guaranteed to give you the momentum you need to propel your book into the Kindle stratosphere. Move your mouse cursor to the right side of the screen and click download now to change your future and start making real money using Kindle to your advantage!

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3 Responses to How To Become An Amazon Bestseller Today

  1. What a scam This 15 page booklet is not worth your time. The whole idea for this book is to advertise their website. The book offers NOTHING new. Get reviews..write something that people want to read…have a good cover. Not only does the cover stink it is stolen from Amazon.Save yourself the 10 seconds of your life from downloading the book and the 30 seconds from reading the 15 pages because you will wish you had that time back.

  2. Never before published? I’ve searched Amazon and Google, and have found no other references to this author. If this is the only thing he’s written, where does his advice about becoming an Amazon bestseller originate?I can’t say this may not help some people, but to me the info included in this very short (15 page) instruction book is common sense.Any time someone is trying to tell me how to succeed at something, I wonder: If they’re so successful at whatever they’re trying to sell, why are they trying to make money by selling their how-to advice? I certainly won’t be supporting his website.

  3. Rebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"

    Read Before You Publish James Malgorn has written a very short book (262 locations) that will take you very little time to read. Unfortunately this book does not present a marketing plan which is what I was expecting. Instead the book explains things like how to choose a good topic to write about. There is also some information about editing although I think more editing is better than less. There is also a short discussion on how you should chose a good title. The only thing I think is bad advice is the author’s ideas on who to ask for reviews. I think you should avoid asking friends, coworkers and relatives. Instead you should follow the authors advice to ask real reviewers for reviews. So I would only recommend this book to people who have yet to begin a book or who have not yet published. If you are looking for marketing advice you will find very little in this book. Apparently to figure out why this book has such a good rank you will have to subscribe to a mailing list. I think the author should include that information in the book. To be fair to the reader that is what I’d do.~The Rebecca Review

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