Getting Started with Twitter For Dummies

Share your thoughts with the world in 140 characters or less!

You’ve heard about Twitter, the cutting-edge messaging service that lets you keep up with your close friends and favorite celebrities in real time. So how do you join the conversation? Read on! From signing up to sending your first tweets to finding people to follow, Twitter is explained here.

  • What’s Twitter and what do I do with it? — check out the many ways you can use Twitter every day
  • Get on board — sign up for a Twitter account and establish a profile that makes people want to read what you write

  • Unravel Twitter’s mysteries — find out what makes Twitter’s short blasts of communication such a revolution in information sharing

  • Discover who’s Twittering — check out some of the celebrities, communities, and companies using Twitter

  • Take a look around — explore the Twitter interface and learn when to use the @ symbol and when to direct message

  • Share your thoughts — send your first tweets and learn how to keep them brief

  • Keep up with your friends and the famous — add your friends and celebrities to your Twitter list to keep up with what they’re saying

Open the book and find:

  • What Twitter is, and what it isn’t
  • How to set up a Twitter account

  • Directions for adding your photo to your profile

  • Tips for keeping your tweets under 140 characters

  • How to understand the symbols used on Twitter

  • Suggestions for finding your friends

  • Celebrities you might want to follow

  • Cool things you can do to keep Twitter fun

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3 Responses to Getting Started with Twitter For Dummies

  1. Susan Marie "sumakair"

    Perfect For Really Late Bloomers There are few things more irratating than being told that Twitter is so easy that you do not need to read a book about it! Sure, it is easy if you know how to do it. For those of us, however, who were busy raising these Twitterphites, a book might be helpful after a “lesson” that left us felling like we were listening to a foreign language. Dummies Books are a tradition for me. When I do not “get it,” I am not embarrassed to admit that I am feeling like a dummy and these books really help.

  2. Jack G Hardy "Jack"

    A GREAT way to start learning Twitter Step-by-step you will find the secrets and mysteries of Twitter are unraveled for you in one easy to understand volume and format. This is a must for marketers who are still “innocent.”

  3. Stephanie Wade

    Getting Started with Twitter For Dummies Already outdated.. with all the progress being made,this is like reading a Dummies book for Windows 95…didn’t help me at all.Everything has changed in TwitterWorld 2012. Sorry.

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