flipStagram – Instagram Client

Product Features

  • Browse Instagram photos on your tablet or Kindle Fire.
  • Location search: Seach for instagram photos around your actual location (GPS capable tablet needed, not supported on Kindle Fire).
  • Lean back and start a slideshow of your current instagram photo set.
  • Use fullscreen mode to see all the details you want, zoom in and out and move around.

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3 Responses to flipStagram – Instagram Client

  1. KindleRocks!

    Good instagram viewer for the Kindle Fire! Is only a viewer, so you can’t upload photos… but nice browsing features available and the instagram photos looks very good on the big screen of my Kindle Fire tablet. Good alternative to the original instagram app for tablets like the Kindle Fire, where the original instagram is not available. Plus there are some nice extra features like the slideshow and the fullscreen mode that are not available on the original instagram. Thumbs up!

  2. Donna Bevans

    log in I could not get my user name and password to be accepted. I do like seeing the pictures, but I want to access my son’swork and cannot.

  3. Great instagram browser! I like the slideshow and the instagram location search feature. Its cool to see all the instagram stuff around your current location. Works great on my Kindle Fire tablet. Thumbs up!

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