Fastbook for Facebook

Product Features

  • Fastbook for facebook is the only facebook app with shortcuts on the bottom of the screen!!!
  • Fastbook for facebook works with a native webView of Android OS to became in the fastest facebook app!!!
  • Fastboot for facebook… only 300 Kb of memory!!

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2 Responses to Fastbook for Facebook

  1. Saltlifeoutlaw

    Virus My virus protection labeled this application as a security threat. Immediately uninstalled from my device. Also loaded adware that I had trouble removing.

  2. Should be called slowbook / Lacks ability to SHARE So I dowloaded on my kindle fire HD and put my info in and it went right to a black screen. Restarted the app with no luck. Pressed a few of the apps buttons and nothing. Finally restarted the app for a third time and it loaded.However, its very disappointing that there is no share button. The one single thing I do a lot of and its not there. It took Facebook a very long time to add the function to their app and their app keeps giving me a network error. Why is it that apps just cannot just work? I mean really come on.Because this app lacks the share button I’m rating this app only 2 stars. I would hope to see the ability to share a story soon. If that happens I’ll change 2 stars to 5 stars.

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