Fast for Facebook

Product Features

  • Bored for the slowness and heaviness of facebook clients? Try Fast Facebook for free!!!
  • Low battery and memory usage. It is active only when you want. No hidden services or annoying notifications.
  • Features:
  • Comment, share and like
  • Real-time Home feeds
  • Write new status
  • Read notifications
  • Access to news, status, photos, etc etc
  • Search friends, people, pages and everything else
  • Write on friends’wall
  • Friends Management
  • Read your private messages
  • Add Photos
  • Add locations (check-in)
  • View Videos
  • View Galleries
  • View Members Profiles
  • Background themes (grey, app theme or photo loaded from your Device)
  • High security level: Facebook takes care of your user and password, we don’t store anything!
  • Android 4.0 Design

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4 Responses to Fast for Facebook

  1. almost perfect! It uses very little space, loads quickly, looks sharp, and inside the app it even gives notifications! I only have a few minor complaints: if you use the home button to exit the app it will crash the next time you load it (but will load if you select it again after that) the only other complaint is that you cant see your own wall or view only your own posts. I like this app better than friendcaster, or seesmic. great for phones with limited space. to be honest ide even pay for an adfree version if it were 99c. fix the two complaints and ill rate it a perfect 5.

  2. This app didn’t work on my kindle fire HD. Why I don’t have a clue. Don’t waste your time on this one.

  3. Didn’t even work. Tried to log in four or five times and kept coming up with an error message, then telling me to log in again. Needs a whole lot of work. Uninstalled.

  4. This app works like a charm. If you are not able to use it, get an android manual.

    It’s so simple and fast. It’s the best android client for facebook. No doubt about that.

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