Facebook Switcher

Product Features

  • mobile version
  • touch version
  • desktop version

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3 Responses to Facebook Switcher

  1. T. Levesque "The Kindle Queen"

    Did not work as described. Very disappointed! I’ve installed this app twice on my Kindle Fire just to be sure but, it’s definitely not working as decsribed. I couldn’t find any settings where I could “easily switch”. The font & pictures are so incredibly tiny you need a magnifying glass to see them. I tried to post a comment on a friend’s status & it disappeared. This is supposed to be easier? I think not! I’m going back to the basic Facebook app. At least the features that it does have actually work!

  2. Finally- The Perfect Facebook App!!! :-) This app rocks. The Facebook app for the Kindle Fire has some faults, so I bought ‘Pink for Facebook,’ which had a lot of missing features. I wound up going bk & forth to compensate for what each app was missing. VERY annoying. This is so much easier- & FREE!Thank you, casaro- I never heard of u before, but u just made it SO much easier 4 me to use ALL the features available. Love it!!!

  3. did not work Installed on a Nabi tablet because in amazon app store you cannot download the facebook app, and thought it would help in browser. nope.

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