Facebook Lite App

Product Features

  • Super fast app.
  • Low battery usage!
  • Lite app only 300kb.

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3 Responses to Facebook Lite App

  1. Very fast Excellent! Very nice app for small internal memory…like my phone…also fast and easy to use…believe on this! Promise!Nice Good app superfast

  2. It to hard to put my photos from my phone. And your greeting ot my name is not proper. Please do not use that.

  3. Not only do they try to cram too much on the small screen, they also cram adds at the bottom that obscure about 1/6th of the screen. It’s a nice idea to be sure, but for the “lite” (I guess that means light) version, it seems heavier than the regular version. Of course, it’s hard to be too critical of something that’s free. I am always grateful for that.

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