Facebook For Tablets Pro

Product Features

  • Optimised for tablets
  • Video upload
  • Photo upload
  • App center

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3 Responses to Facebook For Tablets Pro

  1. Xyane Alexander "XOA"

    Horrible Program. The original installed Facebook is bad. This one is even worse! Do not purchase this product. It is a waste of money. I wish I could give it 0 stars or negative stars!

  2. face book for tablets I am very dissapointed in this app. It seems like it is not complete and is very jerky when you scroll. It only shows a portion of the facebook feed then ends. Dont waste your dollar.

  3. Rodney C. Hakes

    Why would you buy this? Anyone who spent $.99 on this got taken by the easiest grift ever. Why would one buy this when you can get the ACTUAL app (made by the ACTUAL people who created FACEBOOK) for free? Seriously, if you bought this, you should let someone else hold your money because you have no business managing it. (One star is given to the con man, err, I mean developer, who came up with this fantastic grift).

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