Facebook For Kindle fire HD

Product Features

  • instant upload
  • instant share
  • quick acess to profile
  • quick acess to friends

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3 Responses to Facebook For Kindle fire HD

  1. Ads when you open it. Ads when you close it. I immediately uninstalled the program. Don’t know how it works, I do not need the spam.

  2. This product was trash. I hate the ads. It maybe fine for someone else but it did not work well for me. It kept telling me I needed an upgrade. When you hit the button it takes you to Google. If you do not have an account with them they want you to make an account. Why must I go through all of that? Delete!

  3. Signing in on facebook should onlt require a single touch, not an inquisition.It seems as if facebook does not want you to see it.

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