Facebook for Kindle Fire – Facefire (Kindle Tablet Edition)

Product Features

  • Features:
  • ✔ Facebook Notifications (NEW)
  • ✔ Facebook Chat
  • ✔ Upload pictures from your iPhone
  • ✔ See Notifications
  • ✔ Check your News/Live Feed (Tap on Live Feed tab to switch to news Feed)
  • ✔ Checkin at places around you

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3 Responses to Facebook for Kindle Fire – Facefire (Kindle Tablet Edition)

  1. No better than the free FB app Other than the pictures, It is no better than the free app for Facebook. Navigation is difficult, choppy and plain does not work.

  2. why? why is this here when there is already an official Facebook app for the Kindle Fire… and plus i think it is free. do not waste your money people.

  3. crystal mccowan

    garbage Don’t bother buying I just paid a 1$ and its garbage. Nothing but a Waite of money ^^^^ this review is wrong…..it takes way to long to load the different options. And it keeps saying no internet access which isn’t true

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