Facebook For Business Owners: Facebook Marketing For Fan Page Owners and Small Businesses (How To Make Money With Facebook)

How To Grow Your Business Using Facebook

Learn how to get over 500 new Facebook fans every month and turn your fans into lifelong customers using this proven strategy for Facebook marketing and monetization.

Written by a successful online marketer and social media marketing consultant, this no fluff step-by-step guide will teach you:

How to create a new Facebook Fan Page

Step-by-step tutorials for beginners.

How to attract at least 500 new fans a month

Powerful free strategies to grow your fan base and connect with your customers.

How to set up Facebook landing pages to capture leads and turn them into sales

Capturing leads from Facebook has never been easier!

How to use Facebook ads to dramatically increase your profits and sales online

A complete guide to setting up and monetizing a Facebook Ads campaign.

How to find content that your fans will LOVE and look forward to every day

My personal secrets for finding great content for Facebook that your fans will share.

How to use Facebook Insights to make better marketing decisions

All the technical stuff explained in easy to understand terms.

How to use the NEW Facebook Offers

Screenshot tutorial and tips for using Facebook’s newest marketing program.

How to use Facebook Promoted posts (and when to use them to get a 100x return on your investment!)

Facebook promoted posts can either drain your cash fast or rack up new sales. Find out how to use them the right way!

…and much more!

This book will help your dramatically increase your profits online and will turn Facebook time into a fun way to earn more money and grow your business.

More About Social Media Marketing

I have over 10,000 fans on my personal fan page and have several businesses with over 10,000 fans as well. Not only that but my fan pages actually make me money day in and day out.

This book isn’t written by some academic or sketchy marketer who’s just trying to hop on the latest fad. It’s written by a successful online marketer, author and social media consultant who’s been active on Facebook since just a few months after it came out.

If you’re looking for a rock solid social media marketing strategy for Facebook then you will love this book. The truth is there are no Facebook marketing secrets – but there are new strategies, ideas and resources that you’ve probably never heard of (because Facebook is changing every single month). This book only has the latest most up-to-date information about Facebook including the new Facebook Offers for select fan pages.

Facebook For Business Owners is the ultimate Facebook marketing for small business resource!

About The Author

Tom Corson-Knowles is a social media marketing consultant, blogger and avid entrepreneur. He is the international bestselling author of Facebook For Business Owners, How To Make Money With Twitter, and The Kindle Publishing Bible, among others.

Tom’s own fan page has more than 13,665 fans with incredible engagement. But it’s not just about the numbers – it’s about the relationship you have with your fans. Great relationships will lead to long-term business success.

In this book, Tom shares his secrets not only for attracting thousands of new fans to your fan page but also for connecting with your fans and turning them into very happy customers.

Learn how to start getting more fans and business from your Facebook marketing efforts. Scroll up and grab your copy today.

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3 Responses to Facebook For Business Owners: Facebook Marketing For Fan Page Owners and Small Businesses (How To Make Money With Facebook)

  1. Very excellent, instructional FB marketing guide that covers multiple levels of marketing Tom is clearly a very astute internet marketer. I’ve studied marketing for years, and have spent thousands on internet marketing training, recently going to a seminar for about $2k.Tom does a good job of clearly and simply explaining the big picture and focusing detailed explanation on FB tactics… all in a way that ties the tactics you should take action on using FB to the big picture marketing principles. For example, a gem: how to use FB offers in conjunction with product launches. I’m convinced this will make me lots of money.Other gems, each on their own worth reading the book for:-Edgerank – facebook’s algorithm on how your posts get ranked similar to google’s search ranking (this is critical to know!)-tools for making squeeze pages on your fan page-The “virality” metric on your FB insights (which is like google analytics)-some tricks for FB adsAll the people posting dozens of posts a day that get zero likes, shares, or comments you MUST read this and learn the damage you are doing to your brand and how to reverse it and get results. Consider myself a saavy marketer but the fact that I have not taken FB seriously for so long is a grave error. Thanks to Tom for opening my eyes! Would recommend as must read if you own a business or are in marketing. – Pat — p.s. — oh and by the way I checked out his FB page and he practices what he preaches, and really does know what he’s talking about!

  2. Deb Baker "Lady Ellen"

    Facebook De-Mystified What a great explanation of marketing on Facebook. Even though I have a couple of fan pages, Facebook For Business Owners taught me a LOT of how to get the maximum results from Facebook. Did you know you could check ‘virality’ of your posts? To see the ones your followers like the best and get the most reaction from? That speaks tons of what you should ‘lather, rinse, repeat’ to build your online presence.Great Job, Tom. I’ll be looking at all your business books.

  3. Facebook for Business Owners This book is a great primer for anyone who wants learn the fundamentals of Facebook.The author makes a great case for using Facebook Vs Newspaper or radio.It’s a step-by-step walk from the setup of a Facebook Page all the way to Facebook analytics.The author makes a great case by explaining in a step-by-step process the Facebook pageand how Facebook work … he gives a great summary of both Facebook Insights and EdgeRank.Next he takes on an explanation of the Fan page … how to set up ad campaigns, promoted postsand sponsored stories. A must read for any business not currently on Facebook.

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