Facebook for Beginners: Navigating the Social Network

Navigating the waters of the social network known as Facebook has become commonplace for many folks these days. However, for those who are new to the social networking site, it can begin as a confusing and daunting experience. With Facebook for Beginners: Navigating the Social Network, you’ll learn just how simple it is to set up your own account, add pictures, share experiences, and interact with friends, family, and others!

How this guide will help you: Shelby Johnson has layed out this Facebook guide in an easy to understand format, covering all the basics (signing up, creating a profile, finding friends, messages) and even some extras (advertising, groups, fan pages), so that first time users on Facebook will be able to navigate the social network with ease!

This book was updated in September 2013 with all the latest details about Facebook!

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  2. short and to the point for a FB Noob. 0

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    Nice resource for Facebook beginners 0

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