Facebook Demystified – The 10 Critical Components Of A Viral Fan Page

Ever wondered why some pages have millions of fans, while others only have maybe a hundred? Huge fan bases, viral campaigns, and brand building via facebook isn’t an accident or guesswork. This 35 page book will show you how I’ve engineered campaign after campaign to go viral for any brand. You’ll get a look inside how to generate massive followings on facebook for yourself or your brand.

Here’s A Sneak Peak At The Chapters Inside.

Chapter 1) Sand, Gravel, And Concrete – Setting The Foundation

This chapter sets the foundation for a successful campaign. You’ll learn how to set up pages that will go viral, and be safe from being turned into a “community”. Mess this up, and your page could get yanked away at any moment.

Chapter 2) Timeline Tactics

If you’re an offline business, actor/athlete, or the owner of a brand then you need to have a timeline in place that supports your message. This is key to getting the initial “like” that every viral campaign is designed to do.

Chapter 3) One Penny Clicks – (in today’s world)

After 10′s of thousands in testing and hundreds of hours of in the gutter tweaking I have discovered a certain “viral criteria” that you can use to determine niches with the cheapest clicks possible.

Chapter 4) Deep Targeting

This is where we dive deep into what to target, and why. This is what makes the difference between 5 cent, and 1 cent clicks.

Chapter 5) Critical Controversy

Ever wonder why scandals go so viral? They end up in every newsfeed, and on the cover of magazines in days. Think this is an accident? Controversy has proven itself to go viral time and time again – isn’t it time you used it to your advantage?

Chapter 6) Over-post Myth-busting

Miss this at your own peril.

Chapter 7) Tagenomics

It doesn’t matter if you have a million person page, or a 20 person page, tagging people will always be one of the most effective ways of driving laser targeted traffic. If you do it just right, you can force other people to tag people of massive influence.

Chapter 8) Feeding The Viral Bait

Have you ever seen a facebook post that you were absolutely compelled to comment on? There are certain “trigger topics” that go viral in any niche. Learn what they are, and exactly how the facebook viral ranking algorithm works.

Chapter 9) Viral Visuals

Red arrows, strokes, effects, and every little tweak adds up to the “perfect viral photo”. If you want to go as viral as possible, you’ll have to embrace some of facebooks “rules” and manipulate your images to take advantage of them.

Chapter 10) Trend Trapping

Just like controversy, trends will get mass press. And what’s cool, is that most trends are predictable. (You just have to know when to strike, and you instantly build a viral following)

Chapter 11) Successful Cloning Structures

Once you’ve put in the time, done the research, and gone viral… why start over in a new niche? Well, you shouldn’t. Just clone yourself in that niche, double your exposure, and double your brand’s success.

Chapter 12) Putting It All Together – The Conclusion

Throughout this course you’ll have nothing but in the gutter testing and tweaking concepts thrown at you. We will pull it all back together so you can see exactly how this system will work for you. Step by step.

Get ready to gain the social advantage in your market.

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3 Responses to Facebook Demystified – The 10 Critical Components Of A Viral Fan Page

  1. A Former Daytrader "heart1st"

    Don’s THE Master of Facebook — Grab This! How would you like to have over a million visitors see your offers?Think you might be able to sell a thing or two?Well then, listen up to Don Wilson.I met Don about 18 mos ago, when he became a client of mine.At the time, he had a fanpage with about 17,000 fans.I was pretty impressed just with that.I’ve watched as Don has continued to hone his skills in getting fans….To the point where he can get over 1 million visitors in just 3 weeks.He is, without a doubt, one of the savviest marketers I know (and I knowmore than a few), and he and his work bears watching — because he’s just getting started…Get this while you can, because this is classic Don — easy to get started, easy to understand, and DEADLY effective……no matter how little background you have in things facebook…Seriously, at this price, this is a GIFT.If you want to build a highly successful fanpage — pick this up now, before your competitors do!

  2. Michael Drummond

    What are these guys talking about?? I read most of these reviews. I also read the book.It’s pretty clear that most (all) of the reviewers have been students or aquaintences of the author. It’s also pretty obvious from the reviews that the author and the reviewers use Facebook to make money.What you won’t learn: How to create a Facebook fan page. If you struggle with which settings to use for privacy, or how to create those little application banners, or how to place a good looking picture at the top of the page, you won’t get a step by step how-to in this book. If the creation of a fan page “mystifies” you, then after reading this book you will still be mystified.But you know what?You should buy this book anyway.What you WILL learn: Ways to get people to come to the Facebook Page you finally DO create. EVEN if you don’t plan on making money with Facebook (which apparently you can), this book will help you.Even if you’re completely new, go ahead and buy the book. Seriously. It will come in very handy once you figure out how to set your fanpage up. You won’t wonder what you have to do to make people want to visit and subscribe to it. You won’t wonder where to find lots of people to attract.You will know what you don’t know about creating a Facebook fanpage that spreads like wildfire.

  3. Katherine Mariaca-Sullivan "Katherine Mariaca...

    Sorry to Disagree – But Not Worth It If you read through the other reviews, most are from Donald Wilson’s students or friends. There is nothing wrong with that, but I point this out because, in my opinion, they are skewing the ratings.This “book” is about 42-pages long- IF that. There is A LOT of white space and many large images that take up much of the “book’s” room.In a nut-shell, Wilson tells you about a lot of PPC (pay per click) ad campaigns he has run on Facebook – but that’s it. The only “how-to” he gives is to tell you to use Google’s keyword tool to find keywords (duh), use Google’s search box to search (bigger duh) and, with those results in hand, type the URL of one of the top ten search results into Quantcast.com. Supposedly, this is going to give you the demographics for your niche. Really? OK.I typed in a long-tail keyword, took the top-listed company over to Quantcast and, guess what? Blue Nile (the company) tells me my “demographics” are female, 25- 34 years old, child-less, college grads who make $100,000+ a year – and who are Asian.Sorry, but about the only thing this got right was that my target market is female. According to Wilson, however, with this information, I am supposed to set up ads on Facebook targeting Blue Nile’s demographic.Besides the fact that this recommendation (as presented) is ridiculous and illogical as a way of discovering the demographics of your own target audience (this is but a small piece of the puzzle), Mr. Wilson does not explain what to DO with it. For instance, he provides two “studies” he has done using this tactic for two viral campaigns he is supposedly running. One is for Pit Bulls, the other for German Shepherds. This technique “informed” Mr. Wilson that predominantly wealthy, middle-aged women are interested in German Shepherds, while people interested in Pit Bulls are, in his words, “broke” because they earn less than $50,000 per year. According to Mr. Wilson’s “logic”, this information justifies him spending a little more on PPC ads for German Shepherds than for ads about Pit Bulls.Another recommendation? Use a lot of photos and frame them in red – to stick out from the Facebook blue.Now, this review is not meant to “trash” Mr. Wilson’s work. He is, after all and by his own accounting, a great viral marketer. However, this book “demystifies” nothing. It explains nothing. It simply lists 10 suggestions that he says will make you a great viral marketer on Facebook.Truthfully, I think the entire “point” of this book is to get you to opt-in to Mr. Wilson’s email marketing campaign – he offers you a number of opportunities to do so and, in exchange for signing up, offers a handful of “cool thingy” book gifts.Just FYI – I purchased this book because I am writing a book (400+ pages of step-by-step how-to’s) for authors to show them how to market their books online. Facebook, of course, is one site where an author’s presence is expected and I, personally, have not yet taken advantage of it. I was hoping that Mr. Wilson’s book would provide insight as to how authors could create successful fan pages. And, just so I don’t get a lot of backlash from Mr. Wilson’s fan club, please understand – I care deeply about books and, for years, have been teaching writers how to write, publish and market their books. When someone “publishes” a 10-point list, throws in a ton of photos, and makes a lot of claims about how well he is doing, but does not actually teach anything, I feel bad for the people who invested their time and money.And, just in case you wonder why I gave this “book” 1-star rather than 0 – I have two reasons for having done so:1) Mr. Wilson was up-front about what he is offering. His sub-title says it all – “The 10 Critical Components of a Viral Fan Page.” That is exactly what you will get – a ten-point list. The “Demystified” in the main title, nah.2) You have to admire the entrepreneurial spirit that can charge $5.00 for a laundry list (and people will actually pay it, myself included).My final point is that you HAVE to have knowledge of online marketing to even understand this book. A lot is taken for granted – references are made that a beginner to online marketing would not understand. If, however, you do understand and practice online marketing, you will understand his references and, hopefully, will pick up some ideas.I truly believe that Mr. Wilson could have done a much better job with this book – and provided a much better service to the people who purchased it – by actually writing a book.

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