Facebook All-in-One For Dummies

The most comprehensive guide to using Facebook

Whether you’re new to Facebook, a developer exploring apps, or a marketer interested in using Facebook for social media campaigns, this book has content you can use. Seven minibooks thoroughly cover the essentials, from how to get started with Facebook, to Facebook etiquette, to the best pages, apps, and games. You’ll find handy information on how or when to share sensitive information and how to stay safe, even when settings change. If you want to join Facebook armed with the best information, this is the book you need.

  • Packs seven minibooks in one practical guide: Getting Started with Facebook, Customizing Your Page, Marketing Yourself on Facebook, Facebook Advertising Basics, Facebook App Development Basics, Facebook Privacy and Etiquette, and Best Facebook Pages, Apps and Games
  • Covers areas of Facebook you may not know about
  • Helps you keep up with Facebook’s tricky privacy policies, how to choose a tasteful profile photo, and when to watch your tone
  • Puts practical and essential information in the hands of users, marketers, and developers—whether new or current

Get the most out of Facebook and avoid hassles with this helpful, practical guide.

Product Features

  • Packs six mini-books in one practical guide.
  • Covers little known facts of Facebook.
  • Lots of practical and essential information.
  • Facebook’s tricky privacy policies revealed.
  • Softcover; 578 pgs.

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3 Responses to Facebook All-in-One For Dummies

  1. Tips are working already before even finishing the whole book. When I first read this book, I felt so overwhelmed with the tips and information provided. I put it down for several months. But then, I desperately need some knowledge of how to do the Facebook marketing for my website. I eventually picked it up again and started it slow. Even I still haven’t finished the whole book, I don’t want to rush it.After the first 50 pages, I started to follow what it told me in the marketing strategies. Men, oh men….I can see the results happening in front of my eyes. I’m so excited and anxious what I can learn for the rest of the book to help my website reach the top.

  2. The everything-you-need-to-know guide to Facebook Facebook All-in-One for Dummies is the go-to-everything you’ll need book for everything from using Facebook to set up your timeline to interacting and connecting with old friends. It’s the go-to guide for small business marketing and gives you tips and strategies to use along the way. There are a lot of Facebook books availablef or many different areas, but this one makes it so you only have to have on book on your bookshelf.

  3. The only book on facebook you will need This book is like the bible of facebook. Whenever I have a question on what to do or how something works… I grab it. It is super thorough and great for beginners and even for super users. Lots of great tips and advice for small businesses as well.

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