Exact(TM) PU Leather Folio Case for Nook HD+ 9 Tablet Black (Support Auto Sleep/Wake Function)

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3 Responses to Exact(TM) PU Leather Folio Case for Nook HD+ 9 Tablet Black (Support Auto Sleep/Wake Function)

  1. Okay case for under $10, a little bulky, auto-sleep-wake function doesn’t work always, can’t access MicroSD slot I had initially bought the and didn’t really like it because it wasn’t snug and was a bit loose for my liking. Got the Exact one later since it has auto sleep/wake function and had 2 slots for keeping the micro-SD card adapter as well. This is a well made case with good materials. It looks sturdy and should survive all falls and scratches. There are cutouts for all the buttons and slots. Another reviewer had mentioned there is no slot to reach the power button and hence could not switch off the device, this is not true, at least the case I have has slots for everything. The cover stays shut since it has a magnetic strip and it doesn’t come off randomly. The front cover can be folded and inserted in a flap/slot which then acts as a stand.Now for the cons -The auto sleep/wake function doesn’t work properly and it bypasses the slide lock, though it doesn’t bypasses the security PIN code I have for the device. So with no PIN when I open the cover the device is already unlocked and ready to use, a good thing for speed may be, but not for security. The case is also a bit bulkier than I expected making the sleek Nook HD+ look more like a leather journal/diary now.Overall it is 3.5 stars for me, but since its under $10 and will probably outlast the Nook HD+ I will round it up to 4.Edit – Aug 1, 2013 -Initially I thought you could access every port/slot but no. Except the MicroSD card. To access the MicroSD card it you have to take the tablet out of the case. So I removed the case today to put some movies in the MicroSD card and the front frame of the tablet had residue on it from the sticky material from inside the case. I had to wipe it off with a wet cloth and had to apply some pressure to clean it. Another thing I noticed was that I had forget how sleek and slim the Nook HD+ is without the case. It really is and this case makes it really bulky! Can anyone suggest a nice a sleek case, not the silicon ones, but with a front cover?So now I’m rounding the 3.5 down to 3.

  2. Chad G. Dequevedo

    Fits the Nook HD+ great The Nook HD+ was on sale, so I picked one up but I wasn’t willing to spend 1/3 of what I paid for it on a case from B&N. I found this and for the price it was worth a shot. I am glad I got it. It holds the Nook securely and all ports and buttons are accessible. Because of the odd angle of the material that covers the hole, I would definitely would say that this was made specifically for the Nook HD+. I was worried about that because of other reviews that said it wasn’t. The magnetic strip in the cover keeps it closed and turns screen on when I open it. The kickstand works on my desk and I can flip it and use the kickstand in a low profile on my lap. I don’t think it feels cheep or like it is going to break like some other cases for other tablets I have used in the past. I am a Prime member, so for $8.95 shipped you can’t beat this deal. I am looking for reason to give this 4 stars and can’t come up with one, so 5 stars it is.—7/25 Update—The screen doesn’t always turn off when you close the case cover. I thought it was the case, but after digging around I found out that it is a known isue with the Nook HD+ itself. I still like the case.

  3. Not all that!! It is just like any other case out there. Nothing special about it. My main issue with this case is that there is no opening to allow me to turn on/off my tablet. I have to physically take the tablet out of the case to turn it on/off.

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