Customer Service at a Glance: A practical guide for frontline employees and small business managers

Simple. Practical. Straightforward. Do these three words describe your ideal customer service book? Are you looking for a book that breaks down concepts and relates them to the workaday situations confronting customer service employees? Then, here is one.

Customer Service at a Glance is a practical book to help frontline employees and small business managers appreciate the principles of customer service and begin to apply them in their relationship with customers. Written in easy and motivational style, the book guides the reader on how to project a winning, professional image that resonates with customers and shows what works best in various service contexts such as face-to-face interactions, telephone conversations, email communication and service failures. It also offers an easy-to-apply formula for making dissatisfied customers happy again.

Frontline employees play a critical role in the ability of organisations to win and retain profitable customers. The book clearly shows how the simplest actions of customer-facing employees can impact the fortunes of their employers. It, therefore, keeps a sharp focus on acceptable attitude and behaviour at the frontline.

Based on the author’s nearly two decades of working with customers and frontline employees, the book also offers insightful examples of actions and statements that frontline employees must avoid in order not to alienate customers.

Managers of small businesses and employees in customer-facing roles in the banking, ICT, aviation, telecommunications, hospitality and retailing sectors will find the book a veritable companion that guides and motivates them to “create” happy, loyal, profitable customers. Those who are considering similar jobs will equally find in the book a good preparation material.

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