Customer Relations: The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook Of Customer Satisfaction (The Dynamic Manager’s Handbooks 6)

Successful companies give their customers lots of reasons to come back again and again. You can create more satisfied customers using the dozens of techniques in this handbook. From the first impression you make to the multitude of reasons you give them to come back again, this handbook will help you build solid, lasting customer relationships.

Repeat sales are generally more profitable than new ones, so smart companies work hard to build a base of satisfied customers. This handbook uses real-world examples to give you dozens of ideas for making your customers want to come back again.

“Seven Ways To Wow Your Customers” describes how little surprises can create a warm spot for your business in the customer’s heart.

“Case Study: Selling to Off-Roaders” explains how knowing your customers pays off, especially in specialty or niche markets.

“First Impressions” shows you how to evaluate the first impression you make on your customers and how that shapes your future relationship with them.

“Welcome All Newbies” points out some of the pitfalls of dismissing the first-time buyer as too much trouble to deal with.

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