Book Promotion: Effective Ways to Promote Your Kindle Books (Kindle Promotion, Publishing)

Do you know that Kindle Book Sales can be increased by 200% With Proper Marketing?

As one of the most famous criminali novelist Mickey Spillane said:

“The first page sells this book. The last page sells your next book.”

This quote from Mickey Spillane sums it all up. Did you ever asked yourself: “how much time do I spend on promotion?” Do you just publish your book on Amazon, Goodreads and similar platforms or do you use social networks, videos, radios? Did you asked yourself: “What resources do I use for marketing and promotion?”

How Can I Increase My Sales?

Kindle Publishing Author needs to have answers on all of these questions, and in this book I write beyond that. I will show you my personal resources I use for book promotion, starting from ordinary ones as social marketing and blogs to rare ones which no one uses such as “Private messaging method” which I discovered while writing my first books for kindle.

What Will I Get From This Book?

Aside from my own experience and tips, I’ll show you Step-by-Step process of promoting your book, once it’s published on Kindle. This method will also work if your book is included in KDP Select because if you use methods I describe in here, then your exposure will be great.

I divided this book into twenty chapters and each deals with another kindle book marketing promotion

Table of Contents


1. Two Types of Promotion

4. Thinking Out of the Box

5. Write, write and write

8. Take What Amazon Offers

9. Twist on Increasing Amazon Reviews

9. I Heard Some Buzz

10. Amazon Clans Uncovered

11. Observe, Deduce, Act.

13. Doppelgangers

14. Promote Inside the Promotion of the Promotion

15. One-Whose-Name-We-Cannot-Mention

16. Video Killed the Radio Star

17. M(a)niac Reader

18. Authoritah

19. The Feeling

20. Conclusion

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