Book Marketing is Dead: book promotion secrets you MUST know BEFORE you publish your book.

How to sell a ton of books (even if you’re starting with no platform).

If you’ve found this book I’m assuming you have or will soon have a book
out on the market, and are exploring ways to turn it into a best-selling
powerhouse that will slaughter the competition and pay for your
retirement. The indie publishing world is thrilling because of the
possible returns, and I hope you and your book do well. You’re probably
searching for things like “book marketing” and “book promotion” so you
can learn how to find readers and convince them to buy your book.

But almost everything you read will be wrong.

That’s because marketing in general is dead. Advertising is dead. Selling and
convincing people to buy: also dead. The new law of book sales is this:
if you’re talking about your book, promoting your book, sharing your
book… you’re screwing it all up.

Don’t make “Old School” marketing mistakes that will sabotage your efforts!
This book will help you to…

  •     Avoid the common mistakes that kill book sales
  •     Set up an author platform quickly that will triple your results
  •     Use Social Media (like an expert) without being annoying
  •     Advertise for maximum impact (at the lowest cost)
  •     Make powerful friends online who can move thousands of books

˃˃˃ Before you spend a lot of money on book marketing services or author publicity…
Make sure you’ve plugged all the holes in your sales funnel so you’re not throwing money away.

˃˃˃ If you’re looking for a “Bestseller Campaign” but don’t have a big budget…
This book will show you plenty of ways to improve sales without spending a dime.

˃˃˃ There’s even a free gift inside (worth $29)…
To encourage readers to share your best writing on Facebook and Twitter.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

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  2. Dianne Greenlay "Author of Quintspinner -A Pi...

    Absolutely full of advice and practical information 0

  3. S. A. Cain "writer"

    A must-read for indie authors who want increased sales figures 0

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