Bendon Publishing Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Water Surprise Book

Product Features

  • 1 Refillable Water Surprise Brush and 4 Play and Learn Pages
  • Easily Transportable and Perfect for Travel
  • Ideal for ages 3 and up

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3 Responses to Bendon Publishing Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Water Surprise Book

  1. It’s okay, but won’t last long. My son is pretty good with keeping his toys in good condition. However, this book won’t hold up for long. It’s a cute idea but, needs work to be more functional. The brush cap comes off too easy allowing your child to soak the pages. Once the cardboard gets soaked it takes a very long time to dry and becomes warped. The brush head is too stiff that is scratched the white coating off the pages making the entire design of the hook useless.My son did have a lot of fun with it for the first few minutes. But, it is limited for reuse and is really not worth the money.

  2. Valerie L. Tom "love the regency"

    Wow Mickey Mouse What can I say , it’s Mickey Mouse and friends , my grandchildren love anythingDisney and I had to buy this for our travels and to use in restaurants . It keepsthem busy while you eat . very good product.

  3. Good for a trip I bought this to have something new and exciting for a long road trip. My boys really liked it at first. However, once my 2 1/2 year old found out that if you squeeze the pen hard enough all of the water will come out. This makes it almost like a water gun. Not so great if you are in a car and have to turn around to refill it often. Once they painted all of the pictures they quickly lost interest.

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