Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet 16GB, Wi-Fi, 7″ Touchscreen eBook Reader- 1GHz Dual-Core BNTV250

Great Condition!

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  1. Best. Tablet. EVER. Ever since NOOK came out with the Color I knew I wanted an e-reader & Kindle just never caught my interest. Later I got an excellent deal on a Tablet & GOD I LOVE IT (now to get a custom skin & cover <3)!!! Originally I bought it mainly because of the e-reader part, but I use it for all sorts of things, & I also take huge advantage of any nearby WiFi.I love that the e-reader part has all kinds of size & font settings & you can adjust screen brightness to your needs. In my case mine is set to white letters with gray/black background & max brightness. Everything is very bright & easy to see & read. I also like the fact that, in the long run, I read a lot so hopefully this saves a few trees :). Granted not every book I want is currently purchasable in E-book form, but there already quite a few books (OK at least 1 or 2 hundred :P ) in my Wishlist. Purchases are easy & I like the double check feature because im the queen of accidental touch screen tapping :). Plus since I do animal rescue & am on a low LOW budget usually there are quite a few good free books as well & an app you can download that helps you find some good free, low cost, & top pick books :).WiFi & otherwise im still getting used to some websites having phone app settings, which ill admit im not all that fond of, but other than that I couldnt be happier! Pages are also easy to see & manage, though a few times Ive overloaded the poor thing which has required a force close :(. Pretty sure thats my bad though. This also happened twice in e-reader mode. I tap too many things at once too fast.In general I wasnt using mine too much at first because I was terrified that Id drop it & or ruin the screen. Since then Ive bought screen covers & use it a LOT more :P. Settings are easy to work with & even the pictures ive added to the “My Media” folder are bright & clear. I take online classes, & since most of my tests are multiple choice I find test taking easier & faster on my NOOK. My only complaint overall is that I use some of those pics as wallpaper & since they need to be stretched out for the home page it makes them blurry up close/enlarged. I dont mind that much though. Ive gotten used to it, & not all of the pics turn out blurry if set as wallpaper. Overall I am BEYOND satisfied with my NOOK Tablet, & I HIGHLY recommend it! Long live the NOOK!!!

  2. Great with exceptions A very good tablet! Preferred over the Kindle Fire because of the Micro SD Card port. The B&N Nook Store, unfortunately, is quite small; lacking the apps available on the Google Play store. It’s dual-core 1 GHz processor is more than enough to plow through any game I’ve been able to throw at it. The 1 GB of RAM is also more than enough to handle anything. The battery life is also very good, lasting all day even if I play some graphics intensive games. I’ve never had it die on me. The bezel around the screen is one of the few issues with this amazing tablet, it tends to collect dust around the corners and if you’re a bit OCD like me, that will bug the crap out of you. Also, rooting is really the only way to unlock this tablets true potential. Thankfully there are many very easy options out there if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you don’t want to risk anything, creating a bootable MicroSD card with Cyanogenmod 7 on it makes this tablet unstoppable. There’s also active development on the XDA-Forum with Cyanogenmod 10 which, as-of-right-now, runs very smoothly with infrequent issues. I bought the device shortly before the Nexus 7 was announced, with the intent of using it for testing my apps that I’m developing (I knew I would have to root it). I really regret not waiting a few more weeks to get the Nexus 7, as it is more powerful (not that it matters) and better for developers (being Google’s official tablet). I have yet to get the ADB drivers to work on my computer, there seems to be an issue where it installs drivers for a USB Mass Storage device on Windows 7.Overall, an amazing tablet. Great battery life, more power than most people will ever need, the Micro SD card port is the best part over other tablets in the same market (Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, iPad Mini, etc.). If you have a lot of data (movies, books, music, etc.) this is currently the best affordable choice.

  3. VERY IMPRESSED FAST shipping! My Nook Tablet 16gb arrived yesterday after only having placed the order on Saturday… After having played around with it for a day or so I have to say that I am quite impressed so far. WiFi connection is very fast, so surfing the web is quick & easy… Downloading books/apps/games/etc. from Barnes & Noble takes only an instant, and overall it is a very user friendly interface. I would highly recommend the Nook Tablet, and why not pay the extra $50 bucks for the 16gb… I have so much space on this tablet, I find it will be next to impossible to run out of memory. Even though I don’t think I’ll need it, I love the option of adding an additional microSD card for up to 32gb more storage space, nice touch… Thanks! Very happy customer!

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