Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch eBook Reader (NEWEST model, WIFI Only)

The NOOK Simple Touch eReader allows you to read numerous eBooks as it features its 6-inch touchscreen display. This amazing device lets you feel the convenience of reading your favorite story; you can find more material by searching other media on the web, thanks to its Wi-Fi capability. Moreover, this eReader comes with 2GB internal memory, storing up to 1,000 books with ease. It is also very reliable and hard-wearing as it can last for a very long time so you can enjoy more reading with this impressive device.

Product Features

  • Ultra-Light, Ultra-Portable – Under 8 ounces
  • Easy to Use 6″ Touchscreen
  • Clear, Crisp Reading
  • Longest Battery Life – read for up to two months on just one charge
  • Over 2 million titles including books, magazines & newspapers -just a touch away! Thousands are FREE

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3 Responses to Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch eBook Reader (NEWEST model, WIFI Only)

  1. Simple (To Use) Touch Reader I purchased the Kindle (Wi-Fi) and the original Nook (the B&W one) and tried them out during the return period. While there were things about the Kindle I really liked (features that other reviewers on the Kindle site had written), the one thing that made me choose the Nook was the ability to borrow and read ebooks from my local library. Haven’t been back to the library since!Now here comes the Nook Simple Touch Reader (Nook STR). I got one via pre-order when they came out in early June. It has the same e-ink Pearl screen as the Kindle, so the screen contrast is no longer an issue. And wow, has the user interface improved over the original Nook! (which I thought was clunky) The entire e-ink Pearl screen has full touchscreen capability. On both the Kindle and the original Nook, I felt myself wanting to touch the screen to select a book to read, instead of using the buttons (on the Kindle) or the LCD touchscreen (on the original Nook) to highlight and select the desired ebook. On the Nook STR, the Library screen shows icons for all the ebooks loaded in the device (both library and purchased). Touch the icon, and the ebook opens. Turning the page? Touch the screen on the right side of the page (to go forward) or the left side (to go back). Or swipe your finger across the screen as in flipping a physical book page. Or use the buttons built into the frame. Want to page quickly through a book? Hold down the page turning button. Need a word definition? Touch and hold on the word and a dictionary pops up. The user interface resembles that of an iPhone or iPad, with the icons, virtual keyboard and the physical home button. It even has the “slide to unlock” feature like the iPhone. The touchscreen on the Nook STR is infrared (it senses the heat of your finger, again like iPhone), so a light touch works just fine. I found that on the original Nook, sometimes it would take multiple touches on the LCD screen for the device to recognize a command.In response to the reviews about the touchscreen ceasing to respond, the pre-order Nook STR I had suffered from that problem. The touchscreen would become slow to respond, and eventually quit working altogether. A power cycle generally brought it back. I started a thread on B&N’s website about this and found many others having the problem. I did take my Nook STR back to B&N and they exchanged it. Have had the replacement Nook ST for six weeks now and the problem hasn’t returned. So don’t be spooked about buying one due to this problem – if it happens to you, exchange it.Going back to library books, I had to install Adobe Digital Editions onto my PC (my library had the link to download – free). This software allows you to manage your ebooks on your Nook.The Nook STR is a good choice for seniors that may not have extensive computer skills. Using the device is easy enough, but loading books from a library website (via Adobe Digital Editions) requires a few steps to complete. If help is needed, it can be a positive relationship-building experience.One last plus – once you get your Nook STR, check the “Shop” tab to access B&Ns website. Every Friday B&N offers a free book for download, and has discounts on other days of the week.

  2. Root it and it’s even better! The device itself is amazing…-great TOUCHSCREEN interface-perfect reading screen-clean looking design, small because there is no keyboard to make it bigger and it’s smaller than the original Nook-reads formats natively that the Kindle won’t-read all the ebooks you want in B&N stores for free-library checkouts are easy-press and hold on a word to get its definition-highlight and take notes in a book easily…but when you ROOT the thing it gets even better!-Install the Gmail app to get your mail-get the Opera browser (supports Flash!)-install the Kindle app and you can read Kindle ebooks too-Put it in host mode to attach an external keyboard-Make sure to get the Home Button Savior app so you can switch back and forth between the B&N reader and the rest of the device’s functionality.I used these instructions:[Amazon removed my link. Google "Root Nook Touch Using TouchNooter & Install Go Launcher, NookColor Tools, Gmail, Market & YouTube", it's the top link. ]I will be buying LOTS of these as gifts, and I’m going to root them all! This is a perfect device for hackers and regular ebook readers too!What’s a Kindle? Never heard of it.

  3. Good reader, has some problems. Just a short review of my two weeks with the Nook Simple Touch. This looked the the reader to get when it came out. Specifically for me the touch screen was a must. I enjoyed reading on it everyday until I returned it. It was light and extremely easy to navigate with its touch screen. What happened though, was on about the 12th day while using it the touch screen stopped responding. I couldn’t turn a page with the screen or pull up a menu with the screen or do anything else. And, when I shut it off and turned it back on I couldn’t swipe the screen to get into the book – I was completely stuck…locked out. Finally after fiddling with it after about 15 minutes it started to work again. I went on the web and found out that others had this same thing happen to them so I decided to return it rather then hope for a fix (I was still within my 14 days return policy).

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