Barnes & Noble NOOK HD+ Tablet 16GB Slate (BNTV600-16GB)

Spectacular 9″ HD Display
Packed with pixels and boasting playback up to 1080p, watching video is better than ever on NOOK. Books, magazines, and apps look ultra-crisp from every angle. 1920 x 1280 pixel resolution 256 PPI (pixels per inch)

Massive Selection
Shop over 3 million books, magazines, and newspapers – including 1 million free titles – and get them in seconds via built-in Wi-Fi® with no annoying ads. Sample books free before you buy.

The Apps You Want
NOOK HD+ has all the most popular apps, including games, business, news and weather, cooking, entertainment, lifestyle, and a special selection of games and learning tools just for kids.

The Lightest 9″ Tablet in Its Class
NOOK HD+ is ultra-portable and small enough to slip into your purse, backpack, or briefcase. Can’t plug in? No problem. Get up to 10 hours of use on a single charge. Weight: 18.2 oz (515 g)

Movies & TV Shows in Stunning HD
Buy or rent and start watching in seconds – on your NOOK or on your TV, smartphone or computer.

The Best Tablet for Families
Create up to 6 NOOK Profiles one for every member of the family.

Bestselling Newspapers & Magazines
Enjoy popular newspapers & magazines in spectacular HD delivered instantly to your NOOK, as soon as they hit the newsstands.

Kids’ Stories, Games & Learning
Storytime is even more magical on NOOK. Explore one of the largest collections of interactive books for kids – as well as fun apps, learning tools and games.

NOOK Scrapbook lets you save magazines and catalog pages you love in one spot so you can go back and enjoy them later.

Cinema-like Sound
NOOK HD+’s special audio technology lets you enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows in high-quality surround sound.

Flexible Storage & NOOK CloudTM
Get up to 32GB2 of built-in storage and even more when you add a microSD Card. Additionally, all of your purchases are stored for free in NOOK Cloud.

Product Features

  • Amazing HD display for movies, mags & apps
  • Light, thin & super portable 9-Inch full size display
  • Over 3 million books to browse
  • No annoying ads
  • Comes with free power adapter

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3 Responses to Barnes & Noble NOOK HD+ Tablet 16GB Slate (BNTV600-16GB)

  1. Steve K. "Music Junkie and a Dad"

    Great Deal for Less Than $200 Until the Google Nexus or iPads drop to $200, or Amazon starts giving away Kindle Fires, my 1-month user experience confirms this is probably the best deal available now for a well-made tablet, especially if you catch it during a sale. I’m still happy with the tablet I got on sale last month for $179 and now Barnes and Noble is running a 1-week Father’s Day sale of $149. I also saw a $199 sale over Memorial Day.Now that the Nook tablets have been opened up to all Android app’s, this is a great tablet for the price without being totally dependent on Barnes and Noble or Amazon. I just spent the last couple days setting up and customizing two Nook HD+ tablets with my own shortcuts and Android app’s and am very happy with the results. One minor drawback to the new level of openness is one of the first things you need to do is download a major software update. This should go away in the next few months as updated models start shipping from the factory but in the meantime you just need to plan on getting the software updated before you spend a lot of time trying do anything else. Barnes and Noble also still prompts you to set up a customer account with a credit card number, which created some inconvenience for the tablet I bought for my teenage son – I needed to make him the tablet’s “owner” without having my credit card number on it. Sharing the same tablet with younger children, however, is easy enough by letting you add child profiles with default access settings based on age which you can easily change. They even block children’s purchasing rights by default so they won’t rack up big charges by accident.Getting full use and convenience also requires having a Google account for the Google Play Store for Android apps and browser syncing. If sharing too much with Google makes you nervous, you can just create a user account without signing up for extra apps and services. To buy paid Android app’s they’ll need a credit card number but there are also thousands, if not millions, of free Android apps available.The only software and usability annoyances I encountered were no easy way to add web site shortcuts and the occasional absence of a back-arrow button on the screen. For web shortcuts, the easiest way I found was to sign in to my Google account on the tablet, then go to my desktop PC to bookmark my favorite sites in the “Mobile bookmarks” folder. When I open the web browser on my tablet, it automatically opens to a start page with all my mobile bookmarks on it. I was also able to drag the mobile bookmarks out on to the home screen for easy tablet access. You can bookmark sites while browsing on the tablet, but it’s a lot easier to do this on a PC or laptop first if you have 10-20 favorites you want to begin with.When browsing my Barnes and Noble “Library” and some settings menus, the on-screen back arrow doesn’t always show up but using the little “n” button on the bottom frame mitigates this by taking you back to the home screen.

  2. I’m a fan! I am not the kind of person that has ever cared to own gadgets. Of course, I know people that do. So, I’ve tinkered around a bit with other tablets. Both of my parents have iPads, plus Kindles (older and newer versions). My mom bought me this for my birthday and I was really expecting this to be a pointless gift I would never use. Boy was I wrong! I can’t put this thing down (actually typing my review on it right now). The sound is great. The images are great. I can navigate the web way faster on this Nook than on my laptop! With a free app called Overdrive, I can borrow eBooks from my local library instead of paying for ones through the store. I have Pandora on here and the music sounds way better than just on my phone. The only downside is that there are much less free apps on this than what I have seen on the iPad. I don’t really need a lot so it is no big deal to me. It may be for other people, though. Also, there are times when it can seem a bit glitchy. In those cases, I just restart it or force stop the app and it works just fine. In another review, someone wrote that the device felt flimsy. I really have no idea what they are talking about because I don’t hear any creaking on mine at all. Overall, I am more than satisfied with this Nook HD+!

  3. Now has Google Play Included: Best Tablet for the Price I wanted a tablet that was big enough for entertainment purposes, yet not heavy, or awkward to hold and type on. I can’t even express how glad I was that I made this purchase. Its not as big as your 10 inch tablets which can be quite awkward to hold, but also not as small as the 7s, which feel like more of an oversized phone. Still to be entirely honest, when I first saw this, I was immediately turned away. I had a nook in the past and it was slower than slow. But this new one is faster than samsung’s popular galaxy 2 10.1in and galaxy 2 7in. Like the Kindle Fire HD, this also has a 1.5 dual core processor with 1gb of ram, which brings me to my next point.I own the Kindle fire HD, and in my book, this tablet wins. Barns & Noble has now hooked up with google. All the apps that were once only available to Andriod, are as of May 2013, open to the Nook HD. This means that if you have amazon books, you can simply download the kindle app off of google play and read all your amazon purchases right on this nook. One might think that this m& Nobles sales. Afterall, if you have googles market, you do have the kindle app. Yet I dont think it will. They have done an exceptional job with this tablet, with the user interface, for both books and magazines.As mentioned, the tablet runs quite well. The specs for this price point are really hard to beat: You have a full HD 1080p display (which looks cristle clean/very sharp), 1.5 dual core CPU, and 1 gb of ram. Its zippy, a lot zippier than the galaxy 2 10.1 note that i had returned for this. You also have an very user friendly setup. Its worth watching some videos on Youtube to see the front screen features.With Amazon Kindle Fire HD, you have the carosel in the middle with all of the apps you’ve opened. This also has that, only its at the top, out of the way, leaving you room to put the apps that you want quick access to right on your home page without having to go into the apps tab.Conclusion: For only 179-199, you get content that you see on your 300-400 tablets. You have full access to google play, you have a full HD screen, really fast processor speeds at this price point and fast scrolling on the web, access to amazons market as well as Barns & Noble, with the barns & noble market set up being quite an exceptional improvement from the past. The touch screen works amazing (it works just fine, like any other tablet Ive used). Ive had no issues with wireless or anything crashing. It did just get a new update a few days ago, so maybe they’ve worked out some bugs, because the tablet im running here is excellent. Sound also very good. It has the most bass Ive heard from a unit. Not bad bass, just more base. Only one speaker, which makes the angle you have it at important for listening externally, but it gets plenty loud in my opinion. The speakers are one area, where I give a full hats off to Amazon. Amazon does an excellent job with their speakers. There is still room for improvement here. But since I use headphones most of the time anyway, I would much rahter have look and functionality over speaker quality. It isnt a bad speaker, its just not Doblby Digital like Amazon’s kindle Fire HD.My only other complaint would be the hole on the bottom of the unit. Why a hole? I suppose it does make good for hanging it and keeping it off surfaces to keep it away from water…as long as you have a good hook to hang it on. Those two things aside, Im not sure why more poeple havent looked at this. Probably because Amazon has done a better job marketing. But if you were to compare the features of the devices side by side, in my opinion, this one clearly wins. Im convinced that the more amazon and barns & noble follow an andriod layout, the better they will do in the future. This isnt like the nooks of the past. Barns $ Noble is improving the quality of their product and it comes forth in this product, particularly with this new update that allows Google play, and access to thousands of apps, while at the same time not detracting from Barns & Nobles own catologue of books and magazines with its much more attractive new interface.

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