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Nothing brings your reading to life like our VividViewTM Color Touchscreen. The rich high resolution backlit display uses more than 16 million colors to illuminate stunning images and crisp text for easy reading day or night. NOOKcolor lets you go beyond reading with our built-in Wi-Fi® connection. Surf the web, check your email, read a favorite blog or search GoogleTM – it’s all just a touch away. Our exclusive LendMeTM app lets you lend and borrow books from friends, all with just a few taps. You can also share passages and recommend books right from the page you’re reading via Facebook® or Twitter®. From designing your home page to personalizing your bookshelves or choosing just the right font, NOOKcolor lets you create a customized reading experience that you can really call your own. Get ideas for books you’ll love with our exclusive NOOKbook Personal Shopping. Our expert booksellers will make recommendations based on books you like, so you can enjoy one great read after another. Kick back and have a little fun with the growing array of exclusive NOOKextras. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, Chess and Pandora® internet radio are among the fun additions to the NOOKcolor experience.

Product Features

  • Get social, surf the web, play games, even listen to music
  • Over 2 million titles at your fingertips
  • Kids’ books come alive
  • Magazines & newspapers in rich color
  • Stunning 7-inch color touchscreen

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  1. Tried them all and now I found it! I’ve read e-books on just about every device out there, while looking for the perfect mix of features to support them. I’ve gone from an ancient Palm III to all the Kindles and other readers that are out there. First, I must say my favorite way to read a book is via the treeware version – you just can’t replace books. What you can do though is supplement them with a device that adds something to the experience that makes a device worth buying. For me, my new perfect device is the NookColor.I will cut to the chase and answer the question people are most curious about. How does it stack up verus e-ink? Well, as a user of many e-ink devices, I know all about how such devices as Kindle eliminate eye-strain. This was my first worry with the NookColor. As it turns out, their is a color/font adjuster that you can change how the books looks until you find something that is pleasing and non-straining to your particular eyes. While I won’t be able to read for five hours straight like on a Kindle, I think four hours straight is a fair trade!One thing I needed with my reader was the ability to access the Internet at times. This is an area where the NookColor beats out all the e-ink readers with smooth and responsive access to the Net. I found the touch keyboard easy to use, and the rotating display helpful.The apps are limited to ones that actually work, so there isn’t a broad selection like on other devices. It’s just quality ones. I suppose with their NookDeveloper program, their should be more apps available soon. Granted they will be a lot of junk apps, as on other devices, but at least there will be variety.The online “nookstore” is a little more inviting than Amazon’s in that it feels like you are a browsing through a variety of options, and not just a list.I liked the in-store features too. It was nice to check out any book for free while there. Plus, you can download additional free books, only while in a Barnes & Noble.I like how you can highlight and put notes on your text very easily. While there are several colors available to highlight, I just found out you can highlight a highlight. The mark gets darker and darker as with a real pen, so you can extra emphasize a passage if needed. And if you can’t wait to share a passage, you can zap it straight to your facebook and twitter to share with your friends, while you keeping on reading. It’s cooler than it sounds!I will probably upadte this review in a few days, as I discover more features. So, far this seems to be the best collection of features I have found on an ereader, for me personally. I understand the things people like in their prefered reader, but for me, this is the best!**UPDATE**Well… I said I would update my review in a “few days” but it has been more like a year almost! :) Am I still satisfied? YES! It’s interesting how the Nook Color has evolved since I wrote this review (I bought it the first day it was available). So much has changed, such as improved performance (they upgrade your Nook wirelessly) and the new app store. I had been disappointed with the first apps, but apps that have been coming out over the last month are great! The touch screen is responsive and always activates where I touch, unlike some other pads. The app prices are comparable to other Android stores, though their selection is limited to 100% proven safe apps.I have used my Nook Color almost EVERYDAY since I wrote this review. It’s role in my life is more than I expected, as it is primary smart device. Whenever I need those short “checks of the internet”, I can grab it and be on the net in seconds. Being able to access the internet whenever I want (on a readable screen) has been invaluable. I have used it in all situations as a backup for logging in to an online class to reading color PDFs in bed. In fact, as soon as I am done with this review, I am going to go lay on my bed and surf Amazon from my Nook Color. Since the it has a secure full featured browser (remember 100% safe apps) I can even order stuff when I want. Then maybe I could watch a few streaming videos until I fall asleep!**Third Update**Felt I should check in and give everyone an update on the Nook Color I have had since day 1. It feels strange saying this, but IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER! Seriously, I had been happy enough with my Nook, but they keep releasing updates to give it more features than I thought it would have when I bought it. I don’t think I have ever owned a piece of tech that upgrades itself before, and for free. B&N deserves some kudos for that support. The latest video upgrades (to support Netflix in particular) have also improved playback on other video sites as well.Comparing it to the other leading tablets out there, I will say that it is better than an iPad as you will not get this long of support from Apple.. heck,…

  2. Superior ebook reader/tab hybrid I’m somewhat of a techno geek. I like new gadgets and i tend to ask myself how will this be developed over time. In the case of the nook color they got it right. The size is very good for those used to reading paper backs on the go or in bed just before sleeping. The LCD eye burn has yet to effect me even though I’ve already put in 6 straight hour of reading ( note: i do keep the back-light level very low ). It is fairly responsive to user inputs. Once you learn how to navigate around it seems intuitive. The magazine format is a welcomed feature. The reduced battery life over my nook classic will not be an issue. It has lasted 2 days so far with wifi off with the same use pattern I’ve had since i got the nook classic (it will need a charge soon though). Youtube videos work without problems but, hulu is non functional at this point although I’m sure future updates will fix that problem. The form factor of the nook color is the 2ND best of any e-reader i have held ( the nook classic feels better in my hand). Even though B&N had to make concessions to keep profitability up and the price point down look at what you get. * EPUB (including Non or Adobe DRM) * PDF * Other documents: XLS, DOC, PPT, PPS, TXT, DOCM, XLSM, PPTM, PPSX, PPSM, DOCX, XLX, PPTX * Graphics: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP * Audio: MP3, AAC * Video: MP4 * 8GB built in mem (6000 books) * MicroSD slot add a 32GB microSD card and drastically increase storage capacity * 169 pixels per inch (= better picture quality than the other guy) * Social networking * Kids books with color and audio * Pandora internet radio * Quickoffice software * The lendme feature * All the above and more for less than $300 It is a superior offering to those that love to read and want the little extras at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend this product. It will only get better with time.

  3. Just what I’ve been waiting for!! Last year my husband asked me if I wanted a Kindle, because I love to read all the time and I try to be eco-friendly when possible. I was intrigued, but my biggest weakness is magazines and I didn’t like the availability or look of them on the Kindle. When the iPad came out, I was blown away by the beauty of it, but felt like for a few dollars more I could just get a whole new laptop and it would be almost the same size. For travel, the iPad seemed to big and fragile for me; I need to be able to jam all my toys into my backpack and not worry about them.When I stumbled onto the Nook Color, I absolutely flipped my wig and couldn’t wait to get one! Full color magazines, that look just like they do on the newsstand! This could single-handedly save the rain forests – I seriously buy a LOT of magazines. I also save them forever because you never know when you might want that one article or photo again, which drives my husband crazy. So perhaps the Nook Color can save my marriage as well! That’s a lot of expectation to put on this adorable little device, but I think it’s up to the challenge.Santa decided to come early to our house, so I just started playing with the NC a few days ago, and it is my first e-reader. It was almost fully charged right out of the box, so I was able to start playing with it in less than an hour (it says you can use it while it is plugged in, but they keypad is VERY oversensitive when plugged in so I don’t recommend it). It easily connected to my home wifi and linked to the Barnes & Noble account I had set up earlier that day. If you don’t have home wifi, you might have to visit a public wifi location in order to activate it. I recommend setting up a B&N account beforehand if you intend to purchase anything from there, as it makes the first-time Nook use very smooth and enjoyable.BOOKS: There are many many books available from a variety of online sources, check the product details for formats (please note it does NOT support Kindle format). I understand it’s also easy to download books from your local public library, though I haven’t tried that yet. The B&N Shop function within the Nook itself is the easiest interface but certainly not the only option. While reading, it’s very easy to adjust the font, screen brightness, and more to make it as comfortable as possible on the eyes. At night I turn the brightness all the way down and find it very comfortable for my eyes while reading in bed. I’ve read for hours on end without any sort of headache. I haven’t used the highlight, look-up, or share functions very much yet, but they’re super easy to incorporate if you enjoy that sort of thing. Page turning is an intuitive flip of the finger, or you can tap the side of the screen to move forward or back.CHILDREN’S BOOKS: The color on these looks amazing, and the “read to me” feature is wonderful for little ones learning to read on their own. I imagine this would be great fun for a kid stuck in the back seat of a car for a long trip too! There aren’t a ton of Read to Me books available yet but they are adding more every week. I don’t even have kids but these are pretty awesome.MAGAZINES: Obviously this was a major feature for me! The appearance of the magazines is absolutely gorgeous, the text and photos are clear and sharp. You can use the “finger pinch” method on the touchscreen to zoom in and out, or you can use the “Article View” feature to pull out just the text of each page at a pleasant reading size. The magazine includes every single page that you’d find on the newsstand, including advertisements, which to me is a benefit because I sometimes enjoy the photography and trends those provide. Magazines can be read in portrait or landscape format, and you can flip through thumbnails at the bottom of the page to reach a particular article. Most of the currently available magazines offer a single-issue purchase or a 14-day free trial, then bill you monthly for as long as you want to receive issues. Subscriptions are very easy to manage so canceling is not complicated. So far there are about 80 magazines available, and the number seems to be increasing regularly.NEWSPAPERS and PDF’s: I haven’t tried these yet, though some have reported formatting that make certain ones difficult to read. The ones purchased directly through the Nook store are more likely to be formatted appropriately for the device and easier to read. Better PDF support is likely to come in a future firmware update, though a lot of it depends on how the original publisher sets up the file.INTERNET: You do need a wifi connection to go online; 3G is unlikely to be available for the Nook Color unless you also purchase an accompanying data plan. So far most web pages look crisp and beautiful, but are not as fully functional as on a laptop or computer. Flash functionality is not available yet (but is planned) and a lot of…

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