Attack of the Customers: Why Critics Assault Brands Online and How To Avoid Becoming a Victim

Customers don’t suffer in silence anymore. Today they make their gripes public on the branded websites of the very businesses they attack. Online customer attacks have struck some of America?s biggest brands, and the volume and scope is growing dramatically. You no longer have the luxury of time to respond. An attack can go global in a matter of hours. Attack of the Customers shows how social media can be used to destroy as well as to build. It provides actionable strategies to prepare for and prevent disaster from striking your company. And it shows you how creative engagement can turn critics into raving fans. As this book shows with fascinating real-world examples, customers complain because they care. In these pages, you’ll learn how to respond effectively and how you can grow your business in the process.

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3 Responses to Attack of the Customers: Why Critics Assault Brands Online and How To Avoid Becoming a Victim

  1. Every business needs this book Now! This book is filled with insights so that you can make your brand and business world-class. On page 48, the authors note something crucial: “an apology delivered too quickly can worsen the situation by looking like a brush-off.” Another insight from the authors: the reflexive reaction isn’t always the best one. For example, firing an employee who behaves inappropriately may backfire if it turns out the business climate tolerated such behavior.On page 61, the authors reveal that in online attacks “the vast majority of incidents are driven by the victim’s perception that a wrong has been done, the wrongdoer doesn’t care about its constituents and the victim speaks for an aggrieved group that can’t or won’t speak for itself.”In Chapter 9 “An Ounce of Prevention” (page 131), the authors get specific about how you can truly listen. They identify four specific elements to watch for in Twitter that are signs of a developing attack.I am impressed with the material of Chapter 10 “Handling an Attack.” The authors advise on page 155: “Get your social assets in order” and they note: “Social media has made attack planning vastly more complex.”Finally, empower yourself by reading Chapter 11 “The Attack Resistant Organization” (page 171) in which the authors note “the best way to defend against attack: Build a loyal customer base that heads off attacks before they begin.”Get this book. Any business can benefit from being “attack savvy.” Better yet, many times, you can turn an aggrieved customer into a loyal fan. And in social media, that means a lot!- Tom Marcoux

  2. Must-read for any business owner If business owners think social media is just for sharing kitten pictures and craft ideas, they’re dead wrong. Social media has brought some of the largest companies to their knees, begging for mercy. No matter what size the business is, one bad social media review – a bad Yelp, a Facebook onslaught – can cause untold amounts of lost revenue. Paul Gillin does a great job laying out how some businesses have been blindsided by social media and what can be done before, during, and after a social media crisis. If you own a business or are in charge of customer service or social media, you need this book. Trust me.

  3. Very Timely This book is very timely given the handful of recent lawsuits coming from Yelp postings. Paul is a great author and has terrific insights into this topic.

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