ATT-Yahoo Web Mail Regresses to 1990s Interface. Gah!

Clearly AT&T/Yahoo couldn’t care less what I think—or any customer thinks. But from the newest redesign of webmail, it appears they don’t want any customers.

Want to take a trip back to 1997? Welcome to the new ATT-Yahoo webmail. Oh, it has tabs. Whoopee!

Muy moderno (a few years ago) but they take up a large space at the top of the window, which pushes everything else down. That’s a big waste of space and it makes you need to scroll.

Not to worry though, in a serious retro move to 1990s functionality, they now only allow you to view 25 messages at a time. So forget business users, who have to scan a lot of emails at once several times a day, watching for urgent communications.

And if you use folders to sort messages into categories, guess what? The folder list doesn’t scroll independently of the Inbox anymore. There’s a real time and productivity killer right there.

Want to be able to control the width of the folder list or the other columns on the screen? Forget it! You and I are not smart enough to be trusted with 21st century features. Relax. Lean back and enjoy life in the 1990s.

Or find an other web mail provider. And dump AT&T-Yahoo where they belong. In the dustbin of history.

Have a nice day!

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