App Lock

Product Features

  • app lock
  • lock applications
  • protect apps
  • apps guard
  • apps security

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3 Responses to App Lock

  1. Outstanding!! When people see an app that no one downloaded they usually don’t download it, for me I gravitate to apps like this because it is an opportunity to try something no one else has tried before. When I opened this app it was extremely easy to understand, you simply just press on the apps you want to lock on your device, after this I shut down my kindle and when I pressed on one of my games it asked for a code. I believe everyone should know about this app, it’s a great way to protect your personal things from getting looked into. If I were you I would try to get this app as soon as possible because when I say it works, it’s TRUE!

  2. app lock This lock is easy to set up and easy to use. I donwloaded it for my kindle fire . I use it to keep my son out of apps so he can only open games I want him to.

  3. quite a good app I like this app. It even has a hint in case you forget your password but the thing is that it shows your hint directly on the screen which might help those you’re trying to protect an app from.

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