89 Free Kindle Book Promotion Websites: That Don’t Cost a Dime to Use

Here are 89 of the Best Websites for Free Kindle Books

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Have you struggled with getting downloads for your new book? Have you been looking to expand your library, but don’t have the money to buy any new books?

89 Free Kindle Book Promotion Websites gives you all of the best resources. Great for the self-published author and avid reader:

  • Get access to websites that don’t cost you money to use
  • Post your free book promotion to a larger audience
  • Get more free books than ever
  • Interact with other authors, publishers and readers
  • Get tips on how to maximize the most from these websites
  • Avoid having to search endlessly for just the right website for your needs
  • And much more!

This list of the best free book websites has been designed to save you money and time, so you can stop paying tons of money to promote or find the best books. And, you don’t have to keep wasting all your free time looking for the best websites.

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  2. This book is a great resource. This book has saved me hours of … 0

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