2-Year SquareTrade Warranty plus Accident Protection for Kindle Fire HD 7″

Product Features

  • Coverage against accidents starts the day your Kindle is shipped
  • Extends mechanical and electrical breakdown coverage
  • Make up to 3 claims during the term of your warranty
  • Receive a replacement Kindle 2-3 days after you make a valid claim
  • No deductibles or shipping fees

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3 Responses to 2-Year SquareTrade Warranty plus Accident Protection for Kindle Fire HD 7″

  1. D. B. Diederich

    Hope I can get my money back! Purchased a Square Trade 2 year warranty on 12-09-2012 the same time I ordered a new Kindle HD 7″. I received two emails from Square Trade asking me to register my warranty. When I clicked their link in the email, the website said the product was registered to a different email address – other than the one they sent my email to? Right. The website requested I call an 800 number.So on 12-10-2012 I called the 800 number, which routes to a foreign country, whereabouts unknown. The operator who eventually answered did not speak or comprehend English very well. She requested the phone number given at the time the warranty was purchased. I told her I did not give a phone number since the purchase was online at Amazon.com but tried to give her my phone number. She was not able to understand the numbers, even though I speak slowly and very clearly. At this point I can’t imagine that the process to file a claim is ever going to be any easier than trying to register the warranty, and decide to try to get my money back.I have applied to Return this item and hope I will get my money back through Amazon and will update if I do or don’t. My advice? Do NOT purchase a warranty for your Kindle and handle with care.UPDATE: In response to my request to Return this item I received email from Square Trade that my Kindle is covered by warranty and I can call the 800 number if I ever have a problem.UPDATE 12-20-2012: Amazon processed my Return.

  2. Great Customer Service I have purchased Square Trade warranties on my Toshiba Thrive, both Fire HDs, and my paperwhite. I can’t remember the specifics on calling into speak with customer service on my thrive, but I remember being happy with the outcome. They answered my questions and I purchased the warranty.Recently, my fire hd disappeared and I thought it was stolen. I bought a new one and called cs to see if I could transfer the warranty to the new fire hd. CS explained since it wasn’t a replacement fire hd (that amazon or themselves didn’t actually replace it) but rather a purchase, they could not transfer the warranty. However, he was able to cancel the warranty on the ‘stolen’ fire so that I could purchase a new warranty. He advised this way I would have coverage from the first date of purchase for the new fire. They processed this quickly and I was able to purchase my new warranty and bind it to the new fire hd.Then a few days later, I found my lost fire hd. I purchased a new warranty and then realized that the warranty was technically outside the 30 day purchase window for the old fire hd. I called customer service and they understood what happened and were able to make a one time exception since I had originally purchased it in the 30 day window. He was able to bind it to my old fire hd and that was that.Any time I have called, they have answered my questions, fixed problems within minutes of the call. No long waits for answers etc. They remind me of Amazon customer service.As for recommending this product, I would recommend an accidental warranty on any device that gets carried around. I don’t do them on things like tvs, desktop computers, etc. But I always get them on nice phones, tablets, laptops because I do tend to drop things. I have used the one on my laptop 3 times (from another company).

  3. Great Value My toddler dropped my Kindle and the glass broke. Square Trade sent a replacement, no questions asked. Money well spent on the warranty!

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