15 Marketing Trends In 2013 And How Your Business Can Use Them

How much will trends affect your business in 2013? This ebook has the answer. Curated by marketing expert and Amazon best selling author of Likeonomics Rohit Bhargava – this ebook will tell you:

1. What are the top 15 trends that matter in business for 2013?
2. Who do they matter for?
3. How can you use them for your business?

Over the past ten years, Rohit has led marketing strategy at two of the largest and most respected marketing agencies in the world – Leo Burnett and Ogilvy. He has recently started his own agency, and this is the first publication from that group.

In addition to consulting, Rohit teaches Global Marketing at Georgetown University in Washington DC and focuses on bringing more humanity back to business. What does that mean for this report? This report features the same no-nonsense writing style with personality that made his first two books (Personality Not Included & Likeonomics) global best sellers.

Every reader who purchases this book will also receive a secret password to download several PDFs of free content, including:

- Full 100 page visual trend report for 2013 featuring 3 BONUS TRENDS
- Access to previous reports for 2011 and 2012
- Free chapter download from Rohit’s first book
- Another special bonus download (sshh, it’s a secret!)

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3 Responses to 15 Marketing Trends In 2013 And How Your Business Can Use Them

  1. Laura Elizabeth Wilson

    Essential Read for 2013 Planning Rohit’s books never disappoint and this one is no exception. This is one of the better trend reports you’ll read this year with great details, specific examples and Rohit’s trademark honesty and humor. Just in case you don’t think his loads of examples are enough proof that he’s done his research and knows what he’s talking about he links you to his trend reports from 2011 and 2012 (spoiler alert: they’re impressively accurate). This is a valuable resource and I’m sharing this with my team as a must-read.

  2. A Fluff-Free Wealth of Information A significant part of being an authority and a thought-leader in any industry is the ability to effectively recognize, analyze, write about, and even profit from trends in the marketplace. Rohit Bhargava does at least the first three of these admirably well (and suggests ways for you to do the fourth) in this excellent e-book.The book is a quick and easy read that is actually more like an information and resource-rich executive summary than your typical fluff-filled business book. I have no doubt that, had he wanted to, Mr. Bhargava could have easily stretched this into 200-250 pages and charged much more for it. Thankfully he didn’t.Please note that there are also several useful and enjoyable digital bonuses available at the author’s website for purchasers of the book.All in all, this was an A+ purchase.

  3. Insightful, enjoyable, actionable Rohit has a great way of writing so that you feel like you are having a conversation with the author. He not only provides eye-opening insight, but he does so in a way that is backed by tangible examples. Finally, he concludes each chapter with simple, specific actions you can take to apply what you just learned. This is another valuable resource from Rohit.

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