Is Google Off the Rails?

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As far as I can tell, Google has completely gone off the rails. Is it too much esprit de corps (the attitude that they are so elite that they can do no wrong)? Or has Google turned evil?

It is hard to tell which is the problem: getting arrogant or getting off mission.┬áMaybe it’s both.┬áBut one thing I have noticed a lot lately is that it is very hard to get to the actual website of a large company nowadays by just typing the company name and area in the search box.

Instead of listing the company you are looking for at the top of the SERPS as they should, Google fills the first page of the search results—and sometimes several pages—with reviews from sites you never heard of. Not just Yelp and a few others but completely unknown—and who cares—directories snd review pages.

Furthermore, recently Google has decided to penalize websites for being linked to from sites Google doesn’t care for—even if the links are made by a competitor. Google acknowledges that a rival company can now torpedo your site by creating a bunch of bad links to it—because Google lets them.

Google has set us all up to fail by encouraging and rewarding bad behavior. Is that ‘evil’? Yes, I would say so. It certainly is bad for the web, bad for company websites, and ultimately bad for Google.

Google is so far off mission now that, as far as I am concerned, they are ripe for being surpassed by some upstart competitor. And wouldn’t that be nice?

Google needs a great big dose of commonsense, and I hope someone administers it to them soon, and in a big way. They really deserve it.

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