No More Self-Running Videos!

I hate self-running videos! I immediately close the page and don’t go back.

I’ve written before about how self-running videos are counter productive if the site visitor is at work or staying up late at home. How likely do you think the prospect is to buy from you if your self-running video blares out and gets her in trouble at work, rouses a disapproving spouse, or wakes a cranky baby? Not at all!

Lots of us multitask. That should not be news to anyone. So if I’m already listening to audio or video, do you think I want to have two voices yammering at once? Not even!

Also, if I open your email and click a link to see what you’re offering, and there’s a video, I may leave the tab open but go on with my phone conversation or whatever, planning to go back later.

When the page first opens, I turn off the video. Later, though, with a bunch of tabs and windows open, if I have to restart the browser for any reason, I have to go through all those tabs to find your stupid video and turn it off again. If that happens, unless the video is a training module that I’ve paid to see, I close it and never go back.

Try to think like a potential customer. Our worlds do not revolve around you! Do not try to impose on our time, or you will not get another chance.

I’ve started unsubscribing from the lists of marketers that use self-running videos. And I am not alone.

Now do you understand?

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